Black Friday 2016

So the mio2 will work by itself for OP>OT & vice versa? Looks like it has non-standard USB connections, guessing I could just use one of the USB cables from something like my looper pedals etc that has that kinda square/house shaped connection?

Damn !!
There is no standard USB connection, indeed !
Seems I had overlooked this little inconvenience… Weird, as it is a standalone USB host, as far as I know…

=> cancelling

Ah man, that’s a shame, I thought maybe it worked anyway with that connection, was about to order from bax in UK! glad I checked with you first :wink:

Does Audiomodder work with ensembles you build in Reaktor, or does it only recognize factory ensembles?

Yep, a shame iConnect didn’t get it right in this regard !
There is totally a need for a small USB powered USB MIDI host such as this one, with only a standard USB port available !!


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Pretty easy to set up. It basically adds a user library that push can search through. I don’t think it can pull the machine patterns though but have never tried. I’m just happy loading up my machine kits and bashing away. Fairly certain it works with the expansion’s too.

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Not sure actually! I think it should do though. Trying to think of a reason why it wouldn’t and can’t come up with anything.

I’m in the process of transferring over to a new laptop so will be some time before I can check but will look into it if I remember!


Please do! I’ve looked at it before but I got the impression that it only had templates for NI’s ensembles. If I can build my own and have Audiomodder correctly pull the controls, it’s a no-brainer.

I totally agree. $350 feels too high for what it is. Which is I why I refused to buy until it dropped below $300. :grin:

If it lives up to expectations I might pick up another one down the road, used. Hopefully below $250-ish. Get my acid dub jam on.

I keep forgetting about audiomodder. I like the feel of the push knobs and being able to control the solid state series knobs. Thanks for reminding me.

Bought more from samples from mars
Sneakers from sneakersandstuff
Amazon echo
Mam mb33 retro
Need to stop

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Caved in again and bought the Rytm and TB-03. Damn these great deals. Just can’t say no.

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I also caved a little bit. Kept to my ‘sensible’ plan of upgrading my MIDI and Mixer capabilities so I could use more small devices at once. Took advantage of the littleBits 20% off deal (in its last 10 minutes) to finally get the MIDI and CV bits and some more logic bits for cheap fun with oscillators.

But I caved on my ‘no new synths’ with that $240 JRRShop Monologue pre-order. And then tonight finally caved on that ProAudioStar $149 Roland A-01K deal. I’ve been needing a little utility keyboard/controller/sequencer and kept almost getting the Keystep but wanted the ability to run on batteries. At this price, the A-01K fits the bill and I get another funky lo-fi synth on the side. Wouldn’t pay full price for the thing but this should be a good companion to Evolver and Streichfett and for less-clumsy entering of notes into Volcas.

Godbless you and the rest of you gentlepeople for putting me on to the Reaktor sale.

It is extraordinary. I cannot wait to feed these things to my OT.


Yeah, I caved and got Reaktor 6 also. Need a midi fighter twister now to zone out with these said blocks.


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I’m still hoping for a discount on the Rytm as I’m planning on buying one. Knowing that they went for much less in the past im refusing to spend EUR 1389 on one right now. They seem to be out of stock at both thomann and bax with 5 weeks estimated delivery time, could this mean anything?

same here for the RYTM. is there a specific date when elektron or big dealers offer sales?

yup twister is what you need with blocks to have hands-on fun :slight_smile: livid instruments code is a great shout too if you can get your hands on one.

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I wondered if Elektron were going to do a sale this year, because I assume their R&D costs were higher than normal over the past 12 months and they just launched two new products, so reducing the rest of their range could potentially damage the sales of the Drive and Heat.

Reaktor was the best find for me. I forgot about every other sale once I’d bought it. Even considering I’m probably going to focus on Blocks (I’ve invested too much time in Max to need another low-level tool right now), I feel like it’s the best mix of versatility and immediate musicality I’ve ever owned. And buying Monark on top of it was also a great idea.

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