Black Friday 19: hardware deals

You’ve come across a good deal, hardware + music related? Shoot!

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Hi, I want to buy a brand new Elektron Analog Four MKII with some discount. What is a fair discount for it? The normal price is $1349, I found a sale for $1199 with free shipping ($150 less) is that a good deal?

I just posted yesterday about B-stock from Sweetwater. They have the Analog Four Mk2 for $949 with free shipping, which is about as cheap as I’ve ever seen it, new or used. Not sure how you feel about B-stock, but figured I’d mention it.


It seems to be a good option, do you think the device just have some kind of scratch or is there some risk of failure in the future?

Haven’t gotten it, so no idea, but you can check out my post for plenty of responses.

Every B-Stock “Elektron” device I’ve ever purchased (more than 3 in the last 2 years) has been sealed with that silver security foil seal and looked indistinguishable from new stuff I’ve purchased. Plastic cellophane on screens, sealed accessory packages, etc. Take a chance on that B-Stock price. You can always return it, but I doubt you will because it still has Elektron’s 3 year warranty if you buy it from Sweetwater. B-Stocks are not the same as “demo units” - well excluding eBay. I woulda already bought that B-Stock at Sweetwater for that price if I did not already own it. The price I paid for my B-Stock A4MK2 was laughably more than it is now at Sweetwater. I don’t work for Sweetwater, either. It’s just a good deal for a non-demo unit.




I have the impression Thomann and others raised prices prior to black friday. At least that is my impression watching Genelec studio monitors since a few months.


true same as with Juno, few months ago I got 20 off on certain eurorack, same shit is again at full retail price and without the free shipping I got. Now I don’t see any free shipping anymore on eurorackstuff and most stuff has again raised in price. Maybe it has something to do with that stupid Brexit. It’s just tottaly ripoff if you trust everything, better check multiple times ahead of black friday and see for yourself if it’s a good reduction

Just bought a couple of items from ProAudioStar for a discount:

Furman SS6B $29
Digitech SDRUM + FS3X Bundle $99

Along with a bunch of other stuff from Warm Audio, these Pultec clones seem to go on sale every Black Friday. I have a pair and they sound fantastic. At the moment, they’re $100 off the normal price: EQP-WA


Baxshop you can register to have the first deals. But again this shop is known for messing with prices. 2 week ago I saw the analog solutions generator for 540euro! Few days ago 650euro, now it’s again at 587euros. The so called retail price is mostly way above to make it look like it’s a fair deal so watch out, but from time to time you can score cheap gear!

50% off peak…

Would be nice! :crazy_face:

$979 B-stock OT MK2 deal at SW is back (while it lasts).


Novation selling circuit mono for £250


Just received my B-stock Octatrack Mk2 and Analog Four Mk2, along with deck savers for both.

Everything came in sealed packages. It looked like the OT was open (clear plastic around it was a little crumpled) and the A4 has a small black mark on the underside. They still had the protective screen cover, sealed instructions, and all cables and power.

Aside from a slightly scuffed up box, they looked and felt great. As far as I can tell they’re new.



I always scour and they have some decent deals on a ton of hardware right now. Spotted 15% off for brand new Digitone / Digitone keys, Modal gear, Behringer synths, Volcas, Dreadbox and tons of various Eurorack stuff. Check em out, might find something you like! Literally tons of stuff, new and used.

I believe the sale runs through December 6th.

Congratulations on your deals. Don’t forget to register to initiate your 3 year Elektron warranty. Lol

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Blowout on the elz 1 ! 333 euros at music store + you can find find a 10 rue coupon on the web.
Just snagged one.