In Italy is €7 …do not know outside…

on ebay, same shop, this time free shipment!!


Does any of you know how the upgrade works so far?
I mean: if I buy a boxed Bitwig I might be buying a v1.0 or something there…now it is at v1.3…and they say it will be free -if I buy now- for v2.0.

So…If i spend those €200 will I get free update to 1.3 and then to 2.0 ?
Any of you knows the answer?

Thanks a lot!!


Send them an email i’m sure the grace period cover every shipping from now to the 2.0 release box, download on their website or retailers but ask them is safer.


If you buy a boxed version you get a licnce key with that you can activate the current one, i would say. and the day you regsiter would start the day counting. tehier website states : "This offer is valid for online and retail purchases. " So buying a used licence would not get the free update, for me the questions is what is considered retail version, every version i can buy in a shop or just their listed dealers ? I asked at sales@bitwig… what is if I buy via amzon, did not get a reply today. I actually expect an answer in time. at least when they have a whole business day to reply.


From the Bitwig website…

“The upgrade is free for anyone who purchased Bitwig Studio 1 on, or after, December 10th, 2016.”


So, what is the cheapest digital version out there? I can find Guitar Centre with $50 credit rebate… any better deals?


As a Bitwig v1 owner, all I can say that I’m pissed about the upgrade price of 169 euros.
Due to the many bugs and problems, I hardly used it.
I lost complete projects that wouldn’t open, plugin states not saved, routings gone after saving, .to the point I didn’t want to take the risk starting a new project on it.
After a 2 year paid beta, this is what I get for beeing a v1 owner.
Baffled they release v2 for this price, while v1 is far from finnished/stable.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go for it, that’s your choice, but I feel completely ripped of by them.
And won’t be upgrading untill all the bugs have ironed out.


Bitwig 2.0 just dropped
I have just started playing around with it. Looks amazing so far.
Reaktor 6 and Bitwig 2 match made in heaven.


Would love to hear some opinions of hardware users and bitwig workflow with v2.

Tried a v2 beta, but couldn’t get push script working at that point so just gave up.


If someone wants to buy my Bitwig 1 license, mail me: info(at)dominic-kolb(dot)de

90 €


I’ve bought version 2.
Very nice update, it’s become my favorite DAW. The new modulator devices, midi cc device , CV stuff man it is great !


Not from me but here is an example using native device in Bitwig to create some kind of chords generator.


I tried v1 a while back and it was definitely not up to speed just in basic UI stuff and standard everyday tasks… I think the v2 had a feature list and it had something like “now you can do crossfades!!” and a bunch of other stuff like that which should have been in there from the beginning or at least added before now.

So Im still probably waiting a while, but I do see the potential - mainly due to the new, modern ways you can do funky automation and modulation and all that kind of stuff which almost gives it a bit of a Reaktor type vibe as well… In fact Bitwig itself kinda seems like a “Reaktor meets Reason” concept, which is actually really cool

I was using Reaper for a while there because of how low, low, superlow CPU usage it had, even with tons of plugins running… but I built a new PC a bit ago and went back to using Ableton just because its so fast for me to use when Im composing loop-based music (for soundtracking, etc.) But its still a massive hog, it just runs poorly, like the codebase hasnt advanced in 10 years or something. Who knows. Unfortunately Im so familiar with the UI and all that, its just too easy to fly fly fly through a composition, and that speed of workflow is ultimately a huge deal when you are always working with deadlines and so forth.


Bitwig 2.1 announced, with Midi slave.
Nice demo syncing Octatrack with Bitwig 2.1, Octatrack as the master (video in announcement).


Awesome headphones too! Absolutely beasts in terms of size/weight but sound amazing.

If only Bitwig had a Push 2 equivalent. Yeah, I know you can get Push to work in Bitwig but it’s not ideal to me. Bitwig + Roli Rise was a lovely combo.


it has native touchscreen support… so if you use it on a Microsoft Surface, everything is controllable through touchscreen stuff

not exactly the same but still pretty damn cool actually


As a heavy Live/Max4Live/Push2 user its hard to invest time and money in another daw.
Saying that Bitwig looked promising when it was released.
Unfortunately I have mainly only heard negative comments since its release regarding it’s functionality, stability etc., and now the new pricing schedule doesn’t seem to be too promising for new and existing customers either.
I wonder whether it’s customer base is large enough to see the product grow in the future?


I’ve used Live pretty much since v1.5 yet gave Bitwig a try. Probably took me less than 5 sessions to feel comfortable. I’ve had no issues with stability and to be honest I like that things just ‘work’. I have Overbridge and all my hardware syncs tighter than it ever did with Live. And all the v2 functionality has really sent it into a whole new creative place.

In all honesty Bitwig is the Live that Live should be.

So, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. And most importantly, don’t believe anything I just wrote. :kissing_heart:


I love it. No stability issues noted. Functionality is excellent. There is still room for improvement but they are doing a great job with its development. Some dont like the new license model though.


Cool. As mentioned if they came out with a Push 2 style Bitwig controller it could be worth a look