I have a Bitwig licence for sale of you are interested. I’m asking €150.


I use Overbridge with Bitwig on OSX Yosemite and it work perfectly, sync perfectly, no glitch with both Rytm and A4 running at the same time. Version 2 looks great and everything i was missing personally is there.
Cv utility to control analog gears, new modulation system, audio crossfade, etc.


Did you buy it after Dec 10?


I’ve had it for a bit more than a year (bought it with the box). But i don’t use it. I do all my recordings in Studio one.


Bitwig Studio 2 will cost 379 EUR / 399 USD ouch ! the new price is ouch ! Bitwig 3 will play soon in the Steinberg schoolyards

Nice there’s a Grace period :stuck_out_tongue: Buy v1 at 299 or 259 (upgrade from 8 tracks) and Get the upgrade to Bitwig Studio 2 for free when it’s released.


Not sure were to put my money Bitwig or MPC live.


For sure MPC Live :stuck_out_tongue: at least for me… (maybe MPC-X)
I say that but when it’s released i will probably give up :slight_smile:


You suggested I get Bitwig :grin:


Ola ! i’m not responsible of anything hahaha :joy:


I have seen shops in spain where you can buy bitwig for 230 euros, at the weekend I check out Bitwig one for stabilty of midi, ableton fails there somehow quite heavy. If bitwig is better in that case i really consider getting it here in Spain. It also seems bitwig has a push 2 support by some third party tools. What I do not like is the new licence model for updates. 160 Euro each years seem quite tough. Depends also how much they really deliver.


I am not too happy with new model but you don’t have to buy each year - you could wait until you think it is valuable and then pay to upgrade.

I just try demo and it is VERY tight with Midi and Overbridge work well. My only worry is learn new interface after using Live for long time.

(-_ — #)


I spent today playing with Bitwig. It is good but not perfect.

Disclaimer: I am coming at this from long time using Ableton Live. I have no experience in other DAW.


  • External Midi timing was really impressive - everything worked and was in sync with one another. I am unable to do this in Live it is always a problem. I have to note that I did not even change any settings - it just worked!
  • Solid clock—my external delay on A4 didn’t wobble like it does with Live when I press Play.
  • Overbridge works really good.
  • Interesting flow of signal with audio and effects and stuff
  • Great layered piano roll (I can see notes from other tracks - FINALLY)
  • Unique midi & audio combined features
  • Audio clip is just a micro timeline of multiple audio clips


  • Limited - not as many instruments / effects as Live (though a lot cheaper than Live Studio)
  • Key tools missing - no Spectrum Analyzer or Tuner - not good for tuning external analog gear
  • Basic effects - it is like Live 7
  • Small UI
  • Learn everything again - I know this is not the problem of Bitwig - but my brain - haaa!
  • (Edit: and no Max For Live - oooook)

Tempted - I wish I know more about v2.0



I think the con for spectrum analyzer is solved in 2.0.


we had a Bitwig Workshop with Falco Brockspieper from Bitwig at last years DAVE Festival. At first sight it had all the good things from Ableton and Logic in one DAW and it looked very flexible for modulating plugins. And when it´s really more stable with Midi then Ableton and Logic … then WOW!!!

But yeah, the price :frowning: on the other hand, if you use Lightroom and Photoshop you also pay 11 EUR a month … so it´s quite the same (amoung of money a year).



The max for live vs bitwigs modulation is an interesting one IMO. While I’ve always loved the idea idea of Max inside ableton, I find it tricky in practice. Making well running max patches is easier said than done, and still you might not reach the elegance and optimization in terms of modulations as with a native bitwig solution. Of course max is capable of a lot, lot more, but in practice I find myself not using it much… Guess it’s just me.


cool, I wanted to test this as well. seems i could skip that. actually via amzone prime spain I get bitwig for just around 220 euro.


€199 !!


Wow - that is a good deal. Wonder if it download or physical? I don’t live in Italy so want digital.


nice one, but how much are delivery cost ?