Bitwig with Digitakt & Digitone

Is anyone using Digitakt with Bitwig? Have you set it up so DT knobs are recorded in Bitwig?

I’ve set the Digitakt up in Cubase so that DT knob tweaks are recorded in Cubase. When playing back the Cubase project later, the recorded MIDI CC messages is sent to the Digitakt. It’s good to be able to automate parameters smoothly and not have the automation tied to the Digitakt pattern length.

I’d like to do the same thing in Bitwig but not sure where to start.

I do the following…

Instrument Layer { [midi cc] [midi cc] [midi cc] [hardware instrument] }

Each [midi cc] device is configured to send 8 different ccs. Then I map preset remote control pages to control those ccs (and name them according to what they do, i.e. “filter fq”).

You don’t have to use the instrument layer, it just keeps everything fairly organized.

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And it allows you to saw the whole thing as a preset for easy re-use.

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Thanks a good idea, thanks for the tip zfigz. :slight_smile:

could you please share how did you connect digtone to cubase? Thanks