Bitwig 3.1 + Digitakt... (Video)

Check this out!


Awesome. I’ve been looking into Bitwig. It looks absolutely amazing. Is there a good way to set up and automate pattern change from Bitwig to Digitakt? To create song mode (really more want it to just try different pattern arrangements to get a full song) From what I’ve seen it’s the same as live and FL where you have to set the automation point along the timeline and make sure it matches your pattern. Would be nice if it could be done in piano roll style though.

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Another one… how about it?


Yes I haven’t really worked like that so I’ll be the wrong guy to answer that, sorry. What I do find in Bitwig is that much that “was missing” in the other DAWs is in there, and innovative stuff I never really could have thought off so there might be smart ways for you in Bitwig. Again, I’m not into it like that… Thank YOU for the feedback!


Absolutely awesome ride with that one! Man, just a good feeling vibe like reliving the nostalgia of traveling. That is the best way I can explain I think.

You (and my brother too) almost got me ready to pull the trigger on BW.

Also I subscribed to your channel. So much great stuff you’ve been putting out!

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