Bit depth question

I’m sure this has come up before but I am wondering about the 16 vs 24 bit depth. up until now I have done everything in Logic Pro where the default is 24 bit depth but the OT has the option of 16 bit. the tutorial I have been following recommends using 16 because you get more RAM for samples.
Will this be problematic for me once I eventually record my material into Logic??? I’m a ways away from that but I have been sampling my modular throughout this (intense) learning process and if I get something good I may want to use it later…

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The noise floor is lower with 24 bit.
I chose 16 bit for max RAM, and try to set recording levels properly to avoid noise.
You can make recordings 16/24 bits tests and check in you DAW with several recordings.


Problematic in which sense?

If you’re not sampling stuff like very dynamic guitar playing, vocals or smt like that, but mostly synths/drum machines then I’d say it’s rather unlikely that you’re running into problems with OT running @ 16 bit.

With synthesizers it’s usually no problem to run healthy levels into OT, same if you’re sampling percussion with a mic. Also it’s usually no problem to get healthy levels running into your audio interface.

If you’re recording was low level crap, maybe record again instead of trying to apply massive gain afterwards.

There are some threads about gain staging on the OT here in the forum. If you’re gain staging is ok, you can get perfect recordings with OT @16 bits.


when you say set your levels properly do you mean set your input levels in the DAW so your not raising them up later or is more a about the the level on the track on the OT? I assume its a bit of both but I’m curious to which of the two is more sensitive to noise floor issues.

I was talking about recording levels with OT as a recorder.

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ok understood thanks.

If you record OT into logic via the analog outs there is no problem. If you want to import files from your OT project into a logic session then the sample rate and bit rate need to match. Logic should be able to convert a 16 bit WAV/AIFF to 24 bit without issue. You can also start a 16 bit session in Logic if you want.