Bit confused about the sound manager

I bought a digitone second hand on this forum. Love the thing already. I’m a bit confused by the sound manager:

  • There appear to a large number of duplicate sounds, as in, the same sounds exist in multiple banks. Is there any way to sort this out?
  • Is there any way to identify which sounds come from which sound pack?

Any help much appreciated!

You could ask the previous owner to send you the sysex of the soundpacks (they should be still available for download from the elektron account).

Then do an empty reset, which erases all patterns and sounds (see p 73 of the DN manual)

After that a factory reset, which generates the factory sounds on bank A and B.

Finally you could upload the soundpacks again on your fresh and clean digitone.

@Zjenji created several lists with the name from all sounds in the soundpacks, see this thread. Maybe this could provide some orientation.