Biopads Vol. 2 for Analog Four MKII

Biopads consists of 120 lush pads, effects and self-modulating drone sounds for the Analog Four MKII. All Sounds are 100% royalty free. The collection is created by Biologik. Download the free demo pack and purchase at


Great work @biologik !


Are these in standard tuning? It sounds great, but I’ve noticed on some soundpacks that I’m using, when it comes time to add bass guitar/guitar/other keyboards, the soundpack’s patches are way out of tune with all of my other (A440) gear.

It almost makes them unusable unless you’re not going to add any other instruments other than your A4/A42.


I noticed this on the 1991 soundpack. It was the first pack I loaded onto my A4 and it made me think my unit was defective.


Unfortunately i can not answer your question because i do not have the pack yet. But it has happened to me several times that a patch was out of tune because i had just worked for too long.
Sometimes it is pure intention :wink:

But if it happens, it’s easy to turn the patch back into tune. If someone noticed that in my patches, then please tell me so i can update the pack’s.

Nice demos btw. Seems to be another great sound bank!


Vol. 1 wasn’t always tuned to “0” (knob) because I was going for soundscape, but Vol. 2 is mostly with a few exceptions (eg., sometimes I tune down a 5th, for example).

…and cheers :slight_smile:


Don’t get me wrong, the patches are great, but the different tunings can be challenging sometimes.


That’s why I decided to stick to not modifying the pitch.
That being said, it’s really easy to zero the pitch again :slight_smile:

In terms of making the bank, it was designed on a MK I unit, and when the MK II units came out it was tweaked.


So is the Biopads 2 all new sounds, or is it a tweaked version of the original Biopads?


all new sounds.
I meant that I first created it on the MKI then it was updated.


Great sounds and top work by @dataline on those demos!


They were minor TBH. With few exceptions you probably won’t notice a difference between the two unless you do an A/B (which I have done!).


basically a side by side comparison.


Ok cool. I really like how Bio 2 sounds (demo). There’s some sounds that really remind me of a Roland Jupiter 4, which happens to be my fave synth of all time.


I was playing some of your presets the other week, and yes, a bunch out of tune. But, I am the same way when I make presets, I get so into it and lost sometimes, I end up needing to look at a tuner app (on synths with no visual feedback of the tone/key). And yes, some sounds you do want slightly out of tune. or going in and out of tune (certain kinds of pads & leads, and I love old piano -type of sounds as well).

Anyway, Biologiks sounds are awesome (as always!), so this is a must have pack. :slight_smile:


Hey Chris,

yea you’re right, either you have been working on it for too long or you are trying something completely new / different. But as i said, it’s really easy to bring the sound back to tune with the oscillators. But maybe it’s sometimes the case that you hear a sound (even if it’s out of tune) and then gets a completely new idea because of it? Happens to me sometimes…


I think thy tuning thing is common of most patches. As you modulate and craft tuning drifts. Best is to pull out that tuner and make adjustments to bring it back into tune of that’s required for your song.


I’ve done that, but unfortunately, in my case, it always lost the magic of the sound when you tweaked it back to standard tuning.


I thought the A4 MkI and MkIi were supposed to run the same patches. Do these not work on the MkI? What about the Keys?


Yes absolutely, it can be something that triggers new ideas, or lead to weird new chord progressions and…into unknown territory!:-).

Usually though what happens when I’m in front of a (hardware) synth, is that I tend to start making new sounds rather then new music. Or, when browsing presets, like yours and Biologik, I tend to just start playing/noodling around with melodies, every time preset I like pops up. Obviously I never record any of it, it’s a synthers issue I guess, I’m having too much fun with the synths.

All that said, I do make tracks/music but, it mostly happens on the toilet using the iPhone and random groovebox app (figure, wejaam, ds-10 etc). :stuck_out_tongue: