Bionic Walk



You’ll find a plethora of glitchy, edgy percussive sounds in Bionic Walk, the latest Sound Pack by the positively bionic Dr Radek Rudnicki, and his first for the Digitone.

There are 128 sounds to play with: drums conceived via filter; rich, harmonic sounds sizzling with evolving frequencies; micro rhythms brought to life through various synthetic tricks and twiddles. There are some great pads, chords and arpeggio sounds in here too.

It’s another stellar offering from Rudnicki, who gifted us the popular Immortal Waves, Oxford Overdrive (Monomachine, Rytm, Digitakt, Octatrack), Modub and Auroatea (Digitakt, Rytm, Octatrack) Sound Packs.

Download free packs and purchase Bionic Walk at:


Not available yet or defective link in the store? “The requested quantity is not available.”


Ditto, the same error pops up for me when i go to purchase.


I’d love to buy it as well… Getting the same error. Too bad.

This is the second time I’ve had an issue picking up a sound pack on day one. Do these folks QA anything?


Sorry about this, the Sound Pack should now be buyable.


Love the illustration!!