Bill Rieflin (Ministry, KMFDM, King Crimson, Swans, REM, RevCo), RIP

Bill Rieflin died yesterday after a battle with cancer. Not exactly within the Elektron realm, but I was a big, big fan of his work with Ministry and his cameos with KMFDM. Definitely a loss to the music community, electronic or otherwise.


Oh no, this is horrible news. Such a talent lost.


The Bushmaster, with him and Martin Atkins drumming together on Pigface’s debut album Gub, is an absolute powerhouse of a song, given that all it has is drums and vocals.

Sad too that his wife Francesca Sundsten also died from cancer (Lymphoma) just last year.

RIP Bill. Thanks for the music.


Well that sucks

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Didn’t realize the breadth of his work until now that he’s gone. He was a familiar name from reading Ministry album covers and liner notes, but I didn’t know he also played for R.E.M., King Crimson etc. Basically many of my favourite bands from some point of time.

Hats off for these sad news.

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