Bill Burr learning the Octatrack

For those of you who are fans of Bill Burr and who listen to his Monday Morning Podcast, you’ll know how he struggles with technology. I was listening to him ranting about not being able to get his Zoom H4N working and thought how hilarious it would be to watch him try to learn the Octatrack.

Anyways just a funny thought.


Funny, along the same lines, I was listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast with, I believe it was Lex Fridman, and he brought up Push 2 as a symbol of his own failings. He said he bought it, and it’s been sitting unopened for 2 years because he keeps putting off learning it. So weird hearing someone explain to Joe Rogan what a Push 2 is.


I heard that one, it was mostly a thing between Jamie and Lex. Joe’s not much of a music guy. Duncan Trussell was on Rogan’s podcast a while back saying his dream synth was a Moog One, and that he’s into modular synths as well.


There must be a parallel universe where this is a Tv show…

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I remember the Duncan Trussell one too. He’s been into synths for awhile. What a fun guy.


Thats funny I know hes a drummer so wonder if he will use the octatrack as backing for live drumming?

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I would definitely lend my octatrack to bill burr for ONE month.

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Duncan Trussel talks to Rogan about Moogs sometimes haha

Also OP if you like Bill Burr’s podcast you have to listen to Tim Dillon…the dude is unbelievably funny and doesn’t talk about sports half the time :roll_eyes:

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I don’t think you’d get it back in one piece lol

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Love Tim Dillon, just actually finished listening to him on the latest Rogan episode. Super funny guy!

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(film projector noise)


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his first appearance on Rogan is what got me listening to him. then i found his podcast and have listened every week since lol.

Modular synths turn up from time to time in Duncan Trussell’s wonderful animated show, Midnight Gospel

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Thanks for the reminder, I’ve been meaning to check out The Midnight Gospel. Still haven’t gotten around to F is for Family.

I could not get into that show haha. I watched the first episode and just thought the animation was totally random and didn’t fit the podcast discussion. It’s a cool and unique idea though, and I like Adventure Time :man_shrugging: