Big trouble with syncing ARMKII + Digitone - Muting of tracks


hej Dudes,
finally my brand new Digitone has arrived and I want to sync it up to my ARMKII, which normally shouldn’t be the problem at all if you are used to midi…

anyway. syncing my setup as follows: want to keep the AR as master using RME Fireface 400 as interface (audio in for both machines)


  • midi out to midi in of Digitone
  • midi clock send
  • send transport
  • programm ch send (try it already without it)

Digitone =

  • midi in to midi out of AKMKII
  • midi clock receive
  • Programm ch receive (try it already without it)

Transport & Clock works fine and there are also in sync mode. when I press play or stop on my AR, digitone will do the same, BUT…

If I’m in Mute Modes of AR (green pads) and f.e. I want to mute track 1-4, digitone will automatically do the same and also mute track 1-4 (that selected track, which have been trigger on the AR?..?

By the way. Using USB instead of midi cable will do the same.

And what about Turbo Midi? I have an Overhub and either on my AKMKII nor Digitione I am able to select this feature?

Once again thank you so much in advance for your feedback and support. best community on this planet!!! I’m learning so much nice little tricks about our lovely elektron machines and it gives me so much creativity as well. It’s a real pleasure



For turbo midi to work you would need to have AR midi out to Digitone midi in and digitone midi out into AR midi in. The two way connection is needed for turbo midi to activate and be used.


In regards to your MUTE issue, press FN+GLOBAL then go into your “MIDI CONFIG”, then “PORT CONFIG”. Scroll down and you will see “MUTE DEST.” The options are “INT” (internal), “INT/EXT” (internal/external), and “EXT” (external).
Right now your RYTM is probably set to “INT/EXT” and therefore when muting on the RYTM, it is also sending that MIDI data to your Digitone. I suggest setting it to “INT” only.
Lastly, and I don’t mean this to be rude, you need to pour over your manual. When I say pour, read it many times through and through or you will constantly hit little snags that will through your day off. With that said, undoubtedly you will still need to ask questions because like most manuals in existence, Elektron manuals are still hard to understand at times and in my opinion are occasionally worded in a way that makes you think differently then what is actually the case (case in point, note slide on the Analog Four, I struggled with that for sometime despite reading the manual a lot).