Big hits with mostly Elektron gear

Has there been any chart hits with people using Elektron gear. Or maybe a film soundtrack. If anyone can post a link it would be appreciated. It doesnt have to be just Elektron gear but where Elektron has been the major contributor to the success of the track. Cheers.

The Knife’s stuff pretty heavily used the Machinedrum

Apparently there’s quite a lot of Machinedrum on Thom Yorke’s stuff from around The Eraser era too

In fact, just found an older thread with lots of artists mentioned: Machine Drum used by established artists. Didn’t know The Postal Service used MD, love that album!

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On the octatrack product page there’s a large list of known artists that use the sampler ,to name a few MGMT ,Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails,but to be honest i doubt Niki Minaj or taylor Swift producers use this kind if equipment!

The music which makes legitimate hits doesn’t require Elektron skills.


There was also a foto of thom yorke with an analog keys and rytm during the recording of a moonshaped pool. Don’t know on which songs they used them, but the drummachine on burn the witch might be the Rytm.
He uses the AR live as well

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The charts still exist?


Artists like chvrches and RAC use the analog keys…

Definitely wanted to give another mention to The Postal Service, which was Dntel for electronics. Pretty sure he used a lot of monomachine and machine drum.


One of my really good friends and filmmaker, and also a member here on the forum btw, made this feature film a couple of years ago. The soundtrack is mainly Analog Four
LFO - the movie