Bi-weekly record-diving sampling extravaganza | 13 | Bruce Hornsby - The Way It Is

Woh, what’s this? Nate’s on time?

Cracking into my recently aquired treasure trove of bangers from last century we’re going to start with a gorgeous track that I’m sure we’re all familiar with. Often the tracks we work with are obscure but I’m actually looking forward to seeing what folks do with something with more familiarity!

The sample is Bruce Hornsby - The Way It Is.

My TT is still being held hostage in Germany by Reloop

Written by Bruce Hornsby, it made explicit reference to the Economic Opportunity Act, also known as the 1964 Poverty Act, as well as the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Hornsby’s brother John said, "The song is mainly about compassion, about understanding racial and social types, and beliefs and practices that are different from your own. It’s about a status quo that’s so complacent in its narrow-mindedness and bigotry that it seems it’ll never change. That’s why the line ‘Ah, but don’t you believe them’ is so important."


Here is a YouTube video for you to sample from - but feel free to sample from anywhere, there are remastered versions out there too if you’d prefer it a bit crispier! If anyone needs help getting hold of a file give me a shout :v:


YOU have been selected by the notorious Global Sound Syndicate for a top-secret operation. Not really, please, share with your friends, family, or the children of your enemies.

-Sample any part(s) of the track we’ve nominated
-Spend no more than 1 week turning it into music/noise
-Post your creations here for us all to enjoy

You can use as much or as little of the track as you like - add whatever other instruments/samples you like. No winners, no losers, just good times*

DEADLINE Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Submit your entry no later than 11:59 PM, Sunday, march 26th, or be faced with a brief moment of regret. You could also submit something after that date too, we’d still like to hear what you make!


Hearts and compliments from the community*

Enjoy yourselves and join us in the chat for existential crisis, high-fives and advice! :raised_hands:

Lots of love, @natehorn and @aarb420

* Not guaranteed


A call to recent participants! @BLKrbbt @malus_mons @Yabba @proskynesis @looms @jeye_musik @Doug @emadb @flipinfantile @wumpushunter


Won’t have as much time this week, but just listened to the track… it’s one of those that I totally knew as soon as it started but couldn’t have told you who did it beforehand. So, yeah, I’m up for doing something with this.


Going to upload for the last one today true to form :turtle:

Now this one is a massive challenge… and is gonna be in my head all day :joy:


this artist / track has stuck with me over the years… reminds me of living in manchester in 91
mcbuzzb had a nice relaxed vocal style
very familiar break , added bassline and nice use of the hornsby track.



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This song brought out one of Tupacs best moments


i’m not a tupac fan, sorry.
good luck with the sample challenge.

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Tupac is just an example of someone who used the sample. It’s actually a Bruce Hornsby track, if you want to give it a go.

If not, that’s just the way it is.

I understand Biggie was king and that east vs west is still a beef.



@re5et Tupac fandom is defintiely not a requirement! No worries either way haha :ok_hand:

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I had 30 minutes so I chucked something basic together on the OT! I was just getting some samples in place really and got carried away haha - I might use this chop from the track as a callback in the next jam but there’s other stuff I want to dig into and put some proper patterns together :v:


I’m about to brew the coffee and start getting some chops going.

Having such a recognizable song is a gift and a curse. If I had more control with my production ability, I would make a choice to either lean into the iconic melody or to try to creat something new from it.

I want to get the intro and the break clean and also the solo, then go from there.


Not connecting the message of the original song with Tupacs lyrics….



NOOO WAY NICE SAMPLE FIND/SCORE! @natehorn :exploding_head: That song was on heavy rotation when I was in HS on an old school hip-hop station we have nearby called KDAY. For some reason, I always assumed that Tupac’s song was produced/recorded with a session pianist, so this comes as a really welcome surprise!

Sweet jam man those snares are FRESH and nice on the vocal sample/useage haha! For some reason the voice of the guy reminds me of the voice actor that played the manager in an older show called Metalocalypse. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Looking forward to hear what you cook up next! :beers:

@re5et the Mc Buzz B song you shared is awesome, too, and thanks for the fresh flaves, as I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone in the states that knows this song. It’s nice to see that cool trend from back in those days where artists would stretch out their track and let the beat play out, which I’m assuming was for the fans who wanted to rap along at home/dj’s to mix in clubs :thinking: That’s a rare one!

@everyone good luck in your parts this is gonna be a fun one! :muscle:


KDAY! If I turned my antenna juuuust right I could get it all the way down in Oceanside! That and Lakers games on, was it channel 11 with Chick Hearn? 80s socal was pretty nice place to grow up

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What a small world haha, and that’s so neat man thank you for that flashback! :sunglasses: Are you still in the area?


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Should very probably let this cook over night but that feels boring to me. My head feels cooked anyway. Fun song to sample but didnt get any vocals to fit that good. Its vocals in there but very stuttery.


Left in 2011 for greener pastures and ended up in the mountains of North Carolina, no water shortage out here. God I love the way Hornsby plays the piano! so lush with his chord comping mixed with those bluegrassy runs. Lets just say its been a perfect soundtrack for a cold blustery almost spring day out here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, great choice for a sample y’all


The Way It Be


@proskynesis That transition at 1:14 before the hats come in is :ok_hand: Love that sound you got out of the piano! Is that you jamming on guitar towards the end? Sweet stuff man, and the energy from your beats gets me all hyped! :beers:

@malus_mons Right on, glad to hear you found a nice place to stay, but I can’t imagine the culture shift you must have endured on the initial move lol. Did you get any attitude/eye-rolls from telling people that you are from California? :wink: Looks lovely over there!

@natehorn This is a seriously cool track! It doesn’t make sense and that actually feels great on the ears in a funky way! Style is super fresh and it sounds bad ass! :beers:

ran out of likes guys IOU :expressionless:

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