Bi-weekly record-diving sampling extravaganza | 09 | Discoteka Telephone - AGCP/DR CUTS

Elektronauts logging in yesterday to get their sample fix from Nate

Well, well, well. look what the cat dragged in! Sorry this is arriving a day late, my only excuse is confusion, worse still I’m not even giving you an extra day to complete your tracks!

This week our sample is Discoteka Telephone (AGCP Edit) which is from the record ‘PS Edits Vol 1’. My TT has to go to the doctor to have a repair so I’m linking to a random YouTube video for you to sample from - if anyone has any trouble getting the audio please DM me and I’ll send you a file!

Back in soviet times when the official local music market was controlled by the biggest record monopoly in history “Melodiya”, many local musicians who wanted to express themselves in actual form, released tapes themselves and spread it through a big underground market network called “Magnitizdat” (short of Magnetic Tape Release). It began in the 60s with soviet rock movement and illegal copies of foreign music which got through border with tourists, seamen and diplomats. In the late 80s you could find there many different shades of music from underground protest rock, post punk, avant-garde to a lot of electronic pop, local kind of italo disco and dj’s mixtapes with a personal rap on top of it. Plus Seven Records begins a sublable series of remastered edits which narrate about dance part of this story.


YOU have been selected by the notorious Global Sound Syndicate for a top-secret operation. Not really, please, share with your friends, family, and any telephone exchange operators you know.

-Sample any part(s) of the track we’ve nominated
-Spend no more than 1 week turning it into music/noise
-Post your creations here for us all to enjoy

You can use as much or as little of the track as you like - add whatever other instruments/samples you like. No winners, no losers, just good times*

DEADLINE Sunday , January 29th, 2023

Submit your entry no later than 11:59 PM, Sunday, January 29th, 2023, or be faced with a brief moment of regret. You could also submit something after that date too, we’d still like to hear what you make!


Hearts and compliments from the community*

Enjoy yourselves and join us in the chat for existential crisis and advice! :purple_heart:

* Not guaranteed




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Already have a rough sketch building! Lotta meat on them bones! :man_cook:

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Alright. Cool. I think I want to try a different approach this time.

Before, I would make my chops then try different pitches. This time I think I’m gonna pitch it around, resample, then chop.


Sounds like a nice recipe man can’t wait to see what you cook up! :man_cook:


Damn… now I want ribs.

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Glad it has you thinking of different approaches :raised_hands: This month has been good for that


This was a good choice as well. Each vocalization is blocked off and the instrumentation is stabby. So it’s easy to break it down.


Have a day off today so threw together a track in Ableton, had a lot of fun with this one!! Can’t wait to hear what you folks do with it


I like the playing with the pitch and the filter of the vocal chops.

I’m sitting here just drinking my coffee, and as the caffeine starts doing its thing, I really want to start messing with the chops I made last night. I just know I can’t because I have to get ready to go to school, and if I get something going, I 'll end up being late.

I’m notincing that I need some time between chopping and then arranging. Just to see it from a different perspective. I went through so many pitches, and chops, and listening to them forward and reverse. I am realizing that time is also needed to let the ideas marinate, and also to see which ones persist after some time away.

I’m chopping two different projects at the same time, and wish I could just stay home and jam, but I gotta go to school. I wonder if I should take the 404 on the train, but the ride isn’t that long to risk it on the Chicago Blue Line.

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@natehorn That buildup/drop going into the main beat is so hot :fire: dope track man! The dudes voice on this song is oozing some serious sexual energy haha. I was trying to figure out what they were saying and I’m not sure if they’re saying “Dobra Večer,” which if they are, is apparently Croatian for “Good Evening.” Are there any correspondents that can confirm this? Either way, already started off on a fun fact for the day with a hot beat, thanks for sharing the win-win this morning :muscle:

@BLKrbbt Haha you just reminded me of my own past school days. :rofl: There is no need to rush anything out man! I haven’t been to Chicago besides a quick airport layover, but are the trains that risky? I’m comparing it to the LA metro, and I don’t think I would take a 404 on the train unless it was a real dirty/beaten up one. It might attract unnecessary attention. :man_shrugging:

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Chicago can be unpredictable. It’s more about how much I care about the 404 than the risk. I was in the Marine Corps. If someone tried to take the 404, I would just beat them in the face with it, immediately. No more risk, or 404.


You have to have a dope line prepared for the initial impact/afterwards, something like “TASTE THESE BANGERS, B****!”

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I think its time to take the plunge, and chop this with Maschine.

Im scared, because Im so comfortable with the 404.

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Yea I come at it from different approaches but I don’t have a good workflow for this nailed. Sometimes I hear bits of a sample I want to use and grab it, othertimes I’ll have something already going and explore sample material to see what fits - it can be an interplay.


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It’s sooo hard! I’m trying to chop, and then place the pads. But it doesn’t register as a one shot, but an audio loop. So it stretches the slice over the entire bar, making the sample play real real slow, unless you place it on a new group.

Unless you change the pad back to sample.

But it also plays the other groups at the same time. So multiple samples play.

It’s so confusing.

Plus, (first world problems) there’s too many encoders. So my hand doesn’t shoot for the right one, and there’s so many options that it’s confusing.

So I have a choice. Stick with it and let the beat suffer, or go back to the 404 and not grow.

You know what will be really helpful? That who does the track will post a video of the process for making it. How do you chop, how do you glue the chops together, which drums you use and why, etc…
I’m trying most of the week but the result is often so bad that I’m too shy to post it here :sweat_smile:
I know that is hard and it costs time, consider this post as a wish of a wanna be beatmaker. :slight_smile:


Naw son. Post that shit. That’s what it’s all about.

You’re amongst friends.


What sampler are you using?

And also, this challenge is usually an advanced one. You should have been here for the sax.

I’m using the Digitakt…but usually I try to chop the samples using Audacity or similar program.