Bi-weekly record-diving sampling extravaganza | 05 | 30/70 Collective - Steady Hazin

It’s that time again! :ear:

Uncle Nate has been extra generous, providing a relative smorgasbord of sonic goodies for you to work from, from the album Elevate, on the Rhythm Section International label, we even get an extra interlude which I’ve been kind enough to include as it’s part of the track according to the sleeve :ok_hand:

30/70 Collective - Steady Hazin

Here is an MP3 preview but download the high quality WAV further down for your sampling needs. These are provided for educational purposes only and we ask that you delete them once done with the challenge - if you like the track you can buy it on Bandcamp or buy the record at your favourite store :v:


YOU have been selected by the notorious Global Sound Syndicate for a top-secret operation. Not really, please, share with your friends, family, and your boss at work.

-Sample any part(s) of the track we’ve nominated
-Spend no more than 1 week turning it into music/noise
-Post your creations here for us all to enjoy

You can use as much or as little of the track as you like - add whatever other instruments/samples you like. No winners, no losers, just good times*

Here is the high-quality vinyl recording of the track, please delete it after using :pray:

DOWNLOAD 30/70 Collective - Steady Hazin

DEADLINE Sunday , November 27th, 2022

Submit your entry no later than 11:59 PM, Sunday, November 27, 2022, or be faced with a brief moment of regret. When the event is over, we will release a pack containing samples that were used in the making of each track (if you would like to contribute to the sample pack please feel free to message either @aarb420, or myself to send in your one-shots and slices!)


Hearts and compliments from the community*

Enjoy yourselves and join us in the chat for existential crisis and advice! :purple_heart:

* Not guaranteed


The Sample Extra 04 sample pack from the last challenge can be accessed, and downloaded, by following this link:

:hourglass_flowing_sand:COMING SOON

Please, share the pack with anyone that you think will benefit from it’s use, and if you enjoyed the samples, kindly share some love to the artists who helped make them. :beers:


Hi Nate, I may be showing my thickness but that link doesn’t get me to your way download, just an error page with an audio snippet if the track.

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Ah sorry folks - looks like the Copyright gods have struck - hmmm… let me think of the best way to address this whilst staying as Kosher as possible…

Depending on your workflow/device etc. you might be able to drop the MP3 in as a placeholder and work with that for now if you’re keen - the WAV is identical in terms of timing/content etc. it’s just much higher quality.

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could always rip this. quality be damned.


Good plan - looks like you’ll end up with the same bitrate as the MP3 I provided above so maybe just find the recording that you can work with for now :grimacing:

Ok I think I managed to sort of find a work around… link updated in the post - let me know if any issues!

All good. Not that the better quality audio will make a difference to my sampling attempts. No matter what sampler I use I can consistently make anything I sample found worse…. I have a lot to learn.

Still, it’s nice to listen to something totally new in a critical way. Looking forward to seeing what I can do with it . :+1:


Gets highest quality uncompressed audio.

Runs it through a vinyl sim and bit crusher…


:rofl: Right!?

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I cracked open Ableton to isolate some vocals and before I knew it I was doing stuff- quick dub jam…

Think I’m going to aim to create something similar in a full session with the OT but I had a few ideas looping parts of the sample so we’ll see…



Were those the vocals from the sample track?!

I think the answer is yes. You have something awesome brewing over here man :beers:

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Yes mate - all from the start section pitched down a bit!

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I think this one will be easier for me to tackle.


That’s awesome man they came out really clean!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Thank you for posting challenges.



Beat + Biggie (had to)

Here’s a little disco-inspired groove that sprouted from this fun sample track.

At first, I was hesitant that I wasn’t going to find decent samples (silly excuses, really), but was pleasantly surprised what OT was able to turn this song into. I felt like the female vocals on the original track sort of resemble Michael Jackson’s voice when pitched/stretched differently. Also neat because her voice unintentionally sounds like she’s singing “don’t do anything” in the middle, then “I’ll do anything” not long after. Total happy accidents from the samples + OT, and I had a lot of fun on this one @natehorn thanks for sharing! :beers: Also, want to shoutout the og @sezare56 for helping me resolve a scene dilemma that was plaguing a lot of my beats. I did not realize that scenes were always on! :innocent: but after turning them off the OT playback sounds a lot more thick, to my ears. This likely will not be ideal for everyone’s workflow, but I saw a dramatic improvement in the way my samples are being played back out of OT, and hopefully it can help a fellow OT-er in a similar situation . Still have to learn how to EQ moar better on a clear head. :tongue: Also, as much as I want to take credit for everything I’d like to think that my middle transition was inspired by the previous beats of @1-2 with the horns in the back. It just happened man, you got in my head :man_shrugging:


Wicked beat mate! That bridge was really nice, broke it up well. Bit of Biggie always welcome. I really like the aesthetic :ok_hand::raised_hands:

Someone might correct me but all scenes should be doing is altering the parameters of your tracks - if turning them off changes how your OT sounds then I’d assume the scene/s you were on were effecting your track params in some way? Just a thought. I can’t think how they’d make a difference otherwise.

I’m not gonna have anyting this involved this challenge I’m afraid but I have an edit I’ll get up tomorrow :v:


Thanks man! It was really fun to make this one!

Bruv, I swear this time I’m not crazy.

What was happening was I had scenes stock from an empty project, and after a while got bored and decided to adjust the filter/delay on Scene 9 to create a cute sweep with the fader just to play around with. The whole song changed noticeably fx wise with more watered down bass (due to my high pass filter scene).

I’m going out on a major assumption here and thinking that while in an arrangement OT is stuck playing in between those scenes, and it could be that the scenes I make are entirely unorthodox (they’re basic), but the way my OT decides to process them between them being ON/OFF is noticeable. I had this same thing happen to me on MD idk if it’s just the way the internal DSP/synth engine shares certain fx, but it’s my theory for the time being, bah gawd.

You tried having one of the scenes muted, EZBOT style? Maybe it’s a fader calibration issue?

Sounds weird to me! Having a Filter FX on a channel will impact the sound regardless of if you have it set to anything, but the scene should just be altering those values. You saying simply having another scene with a HP filter is adding a HP to your whole song? Not a master track thing no? Ghost in the machine mate.

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Not even anywhere near there man. I like having a scene to play around with when getting bored with direction of the track. So I have the master track filter fx set to around 70-90 Base value, but just having it be there not in use while on apparently affects the entire output. It feels like OT is stuck between stock scene 1 and the hp filter scene 9.

Is this a known thing and I’m just getting around to it? :sweat_smile: It could be that I’m playing with per pattern vs per track settings haven’t had a chance to try the difference yet out of fear of losing the track haha.


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