Better options than Syntakt purely as a drum machine?

+1 to this … cheap, fun, extremely well-built and designed. You can almost overlook the afterthought-ish toms. :troll:

This probably happens a lot, we spend a grip of money on an electronic drum machine, and within a week we wonder if it was the right choice.
This is because elektronic drums machine don’t sing your personal song just yet, you MUST invest time in them. Sculpt your sounds, make tracks, get everything sitting well in the mix, then add some sauce and performance fun layer. Get your muscle memory flowing, and over the years you suddenly have your dream machine sitting right in front of you.
You made the right decision, now it’s time to make the right tracks that appeal to you.


Respect :pray:


This cat reckons you did:


Lol, touché :laughing:


Lfo exp, max drive for noise source, CC control…this example was cheating because it was sampled in OT but :

Analog Heat : Drum synthesis and sequencing

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