Beta testing of iOS/Android DN Editor


Hi, beta testing signup at:

Apparently this is too similar to my last post so I have to add some other text here.

Final testing for iOS/Android editors underway

Signed up for the Android DN editor beta. Same email as my user name. I’d LOVE to get on this!


Signed up for the IOS beta for Digitakt and Digitone.


Got my invite and downloaded that Hocky app. Got it all setup, but your app won’t download. I click download and it just freezes. Why not just share an APK with the beta testers?


because I don’t want feedback coming from numerous places, and don’t want to have to handle different versions being uploaded to different places. I won’t be monitoring anything other than hockeyapp.


Makes sense. The hockey app doesn’t work on my stock Note 8 Oreo so I contacted support. They had me download your app directly from their website, but now I can’t find a way to report bugs/issues.


I’ve been trying to mess around with the app but the UI on my Note8 is wonky. I can;t submit issues via that Hockey app as theres a bug with it that the developers said they’re working on fixing. Where else can I submit feedback?


sorry, there’s nowhere else to submit beta feedback. Can you not even run hockeyapp on your computer and submit feedback via that?


I wasn’t aware the computer version even existed. I’ll have to look. Will I be able to submit feedback about an android app on the computer? I could also just PM or email you stuff unless you’re not interested.


yes, the android app is it’s own entity on hockeyapp and won’t get confused with any other version


Ok. I’ll see what I can do.


I got hte Hockey app to work and redownloaded your app. I’ve never done this before and I dont see a place to submit feedback.


there should be a feedback button somewhere. obviously I get a different view as I’m the creator, so I can’t show you where as it’s different - I’m getting feedback from other people though so it must be there somewhere. Sorry, but not sure how to help out further.


Ok. Well I’ll keep trying in hopes to be able to give feedback!


Hi, signups still available for final stages of testing: