Best Youtube playlist tutorials

Hi everyone

my first post here and am looking for best playlist of tutorials for the mk2 if possible , finding that the manual info isn’t sticking the best and the visual aid might be more straight forward for now -

anything in a linear approach from basic to advance in a kinda course style that you guys or gals could suggest ? even a playlist u created yourself :heart_eyes:

(confused new owner)

What sort of music are you looking to create?

Hi Sabana,
for now just Techno maybe take some of my productions from logic and rework them live in the Octatrack + start new projects in there 2

If you want to learn some of the basic functions of the OT in general, I always liked Elektron’s Know How videos. Short and to the point.


I might add that I plan to use a tr8s for drums :+1:

If you have a lot of time :

Free Octatrack Tutorials list


Sorry for the questions but what part of the manual do you find difficult to understand. (Sampling/Trigs etc)? Take it slowly. Dont burn yourself out.


excellent didn’t even think of the Octatrack page :see_no_evil:
think im rushing in to quick

Thank you

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cheers that’s a great help

appreciate it thanks


ya agreed think I’m rushing the procedure in fairness :+1:

I tend to get hooked on something I don’t understand , therefore I don’t move past it until I know it

atm I’ve live recorded a tribal chant from a movie that has something like a 10 bar signature and im trying to time stretch it over 16 bars but be able to keep the overall project tempo as is … so basically stretch the 10 bars to 16 so it just loops every 16


Thanks @Max.A! :wink:

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Audio Editor > Attributes > Trim = 10 bars

ok in ATTR > TRIM LEN(BARS) it stops at 6.35 and won’t go any further

any other settings in ATTR (or elsewhere) I need to address ?

cheers for your time for a beginner mate !!

What’s displayed tempo?


Amen Break original tempo. :content:

Normally, Attributes > TRIM LEN is limited when you reach 30 or 300 bpm.
Is the arrow in front of TRIM LEN?

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its behind on the right side 6.35 < , don’t even know what that represents

The arrow indicates what’s the constant value. If you change trim in TRIM page, the other value is variable (tempo or bars number).

Stuck at 6.35 (jack length?) with 137 bpm seems weird…

ok ive kinda got it but I have it on trim of 4 might have something to do with me messing with the pattern scale multiplier earlier ?

I think I need to be able to have each track on independent multiplier some how ?

does that even making sense ? lol

I do love little facts !!!

sidetone if ur a dnb fan calibre’s new album feeling normal albeit not a fully dnb release is bloody amazing

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