Best/worst deals you ever got

MS-20 Mini for £200 because the guy selling it thought it was broken due to how noisy it was… GIMME


The first real synth I ever purchased was an OG Prophet-5. This was in 1994 and I paid $500 for it. I was still in high school. My father thought I was insane, but it was money I had earned working part time so that was about the extent of his protests. The thing was in amazing condition too. Why I ever sold it is anyone’s guess. Probably desperately chasing some other dragon.

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New sealed box Polyend Tracker for £385

Worst was Traktor Scratch 2 for £499 around 9 years ago. I had crash after crash while testing it, so boxed it shelved it and stuck with Serato, which just worked. Sold it for £80 a few years ago. Good riddance.

I got Phase a few months ago from a mate who kept offering to add things to the sale whilst barely increasing the price. I ended up with a ridiculous array of gear including Phase, an NI audio interface, Traktor Pro 3 and an old Mac Book Pro for under £550

Yup. I just paid $1,500 new cause I couldn’t find any used for under $1,200. Strangely enough, a few days after I bought it, I noticed that Elektron lists it on their website for $1,399.

Every piece of Elektron gear I’ve bought and sold has been sold for more than I paid for it. Also, 2 weeks ago I got a Medusa and TD3 for $600US.

The thing about getting an amazing deal is that it normally means the other person got a terrible deal.

Sold an engine for a little more than I paid
Sold an Avalon for a little more than I paid
Sold an oto biscuit for more than I paid
Bought a nord modular keyboard from turnkey many years ago when they dumped their stock :slight_smile:

Bought a Waldorf micro q , it was a little glitchy when I first tried it but instead of returning it I kept it .
It has got lots worse since and is unusable.
The bright yellow rack screams at me ‘ if in doubt send it back ‘

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I got a CS-40m in college in the early 90s from the local small-town music store for $100. At some point it stopped working and I threw it away. :man_facepalming:

(In my defense it was very heavy)

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bought: analog4 for $600
sold: analog4 for for $400 (probably less lol , cant remember)

also nord modular g1 for $500

I bought a Neumann TLM102 for 200€ and a Electro-Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe (the big box) for 100€ from this very nice guy off local Ebay.

I also bought a Toraiz SP16 together with a Toraiz AS1 for 800€ in total from a DJ who didn’t quite like either.

I also bought an Audio-Technica AT4050 for 250€ off a guy who bought it to rap but then dropped the hobby.

And not to forget, I bought an Analog 4 Mk1 in lovely condition for £400 off of this lovely community.

Those were my most memorable positive deals.

Worst deal was two Gefell Mikrotech PM860s which I bought off Ebay for 380€ the pair…they were both broken, badly so (the seller never mentioned anything). I sent them in for repair to a guy famous for fixing these mics and I paid another 350€ in advance…he used the parts out of one to fix the other and only sent back one of the mics (again, without telling me he’d do that). And finally that mic stopped working properly a month after I received it.

But easily my WORST deal was when I purchased an RME UFX off Ebay from a scammer…so I got nothing in return for my money except a good lesson.

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I bought a 106 for $100 and sold it to my buddy for the same price when I was moving. It has gone from Tokyo to San Francisco and is now in Berlin. I probably should have kept it, but I’m glad it has a good home.

I still feel best deal ever is my Dynaudio BM6a monitors which I got used for under $300 for the pair. Right place at the right time!

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I give really good deals when selling but I NEVER find good deals on equipment. Never. I do hear about a lot of good deals on this forum though. People tend to share that quite a bit, I guess out of excitement, I don’t know. Maybe my reply belongs in the pet peeve thread. :sweat_smile:

Yamaha QY70 for $50 before prices jumped.

Roland JX-03 for $150

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Many times!

Picked up Analog Rytm mk2 (grey) with an Empress Reverb for a combined 1150€ (2nd hand). Only really needed the Reverb but was curious about the Rytm and asked for a bundle price from the seller. IIRC the original combined price was 1350€. Sold both at cost (1150) later though, I only had the Rytm for about two months. At the time grey mk2’s were going for 900-ish regularly in Finland, although they’ve climbed back up into the 1100 region now.

Another good combo deal was a last batch Monomachine mk2+ together with a 0-Coast (which I also didn’t really need): 1200€ around the time the MnM prices really started climbing up (summer 2019). Sold the 0-Coast later for 400€ so I got the MnM for 800€.

Boss DR110 : $30 in a Vancouver Thrift Store
Roland D110: £30 Mile End cash convertors
Alesis HR16: free as they didn’t have AC PSU so thought it was bust.

and in hindsight the amount i paid for a MnM in 2016 seemed a lot, but has quintupled in value and that probably won’t stop.

in the UK cash convertors really isn’t the goldmine it once was. my last experience they looked something up on eBay, took the highest value completed listing, offered a fifth of that and marked it up 600% from there…

I think pretty much all my gear I’ve got for very good prices as I always try to wait until I can get it super cheap.

My top two are an Ampeg SVT200 (bass amp for any that don’t know) that I got for £50 because the seller thought it was broken. Claimed it was very quiet but still worked, I took a chance thinking it would be an easy fix. Turned out I just needed to turn the volume control up!

I managed to get a Prophet 6 for an incredible price on ebay - threw in a ridiculous offer which the seller accepted (it had been relisted multiple times with lower and lower prices, but no one had taken it).
I then managed to sell that for exactly enough money to buy an OB6 and did the whole lot day - left my house with a P6, came home with an OB6, and even had my petrol and food for the journey covered.

I bought what I thought (and the seller too) was a indonesian Ibanez rg7321 for 300 euro, which I found out years later was actually a Japanese made Rg7421, which usually sells for maybe around 150 eur more. I always liked it and its my most played guitar and it was kinda funny realizing its Japan made after almost a decade. It just sais on the back of the headstock

Loads of great deals to pick from including:

OT in perfect condition for £500
OP-1 in perfect condition for £350
Analog Keys for £550
Digitone Keys for £650
Maschine Mk3 for £250 wasnt too bad either.

But best of all…

Moot Voyager RME for £300. Bought faulty but Moog agreed to fix and ship for free!

Only thing I still own out of that is Maschine! Other than the Moog I’ve typically not looked to sell for profits and been happy just come out roughly cost neutral passing on that bargain to someone else. I did sell that Voyager for about £1500 though… that was a nice day


I got an Access Virus Indigo for £200… not in very good condition but it works.

Have got a few quite good deals on new stuff in the past - a Novation Peak for £800 and a Hydrasynth keyboard for £870 in sales at Bax, and a B stock (but perfect) black ARmk2 for £1000.

TBH I love getting a good deal - probably too much and I’ll buy stuff I don’t really need cos the deal is too good to ignore :joy:

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