Best/worst deals you ever got

I don’t get great deals very often. Plenty of times I’ve overpaid too! I just spent 900 on a dsi evolver with new knobs and an overlay. It was the only one I could find. I think I overpaid by a lot.

But this week I had my luckiest week ever. Got a digitone keys for 600 even, a Minilogue xd for 400 even, both excellent shape! I also got a micro korg xl special edition for 30 bucks. The knobs barely work but it was too cool and cheap to pass up!

What are some good/bad deals you’ve gotten over the years?


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Korg MS20 Free .
Korg Mono/Poly Free.
Roland SH101 Free.

Cant really get better deals than free.


Best deal ever was TODAY. Our own @Scot_Solida, after indulging my ruminating on a myriad of mixer options, just gave me this one:

AND, just because he knew I would appreciate it, threw in a limited clear vinyl of Coil’s Hellraiser Themes signed by Clive Barker!

So yeah. A good day.


3 Juno 106’s and one Juno 6, all in excellent condition in every way for $250 each… and like a fool sold them all


Normally I’m the kind of guy who buys full price and sells at a loss right before prices skyrocket. Never got one of those memorable deals except for a lucky snipe on an sp555 about 10 years ago that came in a few hundred below what they normally sell for.

But with my latest BS2, the price is currently $192AUD above what I paid for it last year which is their end of financial year sale price; they’d been selling for even more.

Gonna ride this mofo to the moon!


BS2 prices are stupid.
I bought mine new about 6 years ago for 300AUD. So when I (engage regret mode) sold it, I sold it for 300, because the RRP had gone up to 400 AUD… now the bastards are 600-700 AUD.

Shoulda bloody kept it.

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MatrixBrute for $1,699 new, when they were still going for $2,299. My local Guitar Center had a boxed unit they wanted to unload so they had it for sale for $1,899 on clearance. Got it home, one of the (many) knobs was bent to the point of bending the face of the unit, not repairable, so they ordered me a new one, and gave me an extra $200 off for my hassle.


MPC Live MK1 new under 1k before the price drop
OT MK2 Used Under 1K due to misspelling on eBay
SSL SiX $1200 ish new
SP-404SX new $389 @ Amazon

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I remember when prices crashed - went out to go get one but got seduced by the more expensive microkorg instead and subsequently lose money when I sold it.

Sold my first BS2 at a loss too, which is why I’m trying to hang on to this one.

I should have bought a BS2 when they were $300. I bought a Microbrute instead (for the same price), which I sold a year later.

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a Symetrix compressor off of eBay - packed so well the power transformer inside was completely detached (I did open it up before plugging it in). Rigged for smoke mode.

Red Roland SH-101 for $400.00

Boss KM-60 for $100.00

I have no need for any other gear; but what do you think I am doing? Still looking for more gear!

I can’t stop… :’- (


Roland MT-32 V1: free.
Allen & Heath GL2800/40: €400,- as new.
2x Zoom ARQ AR-96: 179€ each new.
2x Zoom ARQ AR-48: 109€ each new.
Matching Zoom backpack: 35€ new.
My current and old phones and iPad2: 2nd hand free.

Mackie 1202 VLZ3 and M-Audio Axiom49 (1st version): paid full price but they’re still alive after all these years so a good deal.

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While packing up my room to leave college back in ‘96 a guy gave me a Juno 106 and Sequential Sixtrack.

Ensoniq Fizmo, £250UK (circa late 2001).


best: TR-909 for $700 (they were going for $1500-ish at the time, now they’re $6k+). stupidly sold it.

worst: I dunno… anything I paid full retail for. I don’t really pick anything up unless it’s used or severely discounted.

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Anyone ever pick something up that they didn’t really need cause the price was too good to pass up? Or sell something you didn’t want to part with cause the price was too tempting?

…nord drum 1…more than 400 bux…
4 weeks later official pricetag dropped under 200 bux…

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Got my A4 MK2 second hand for €800, pretty nice.
Best was probably my AS-1 which I bought from an actual pawn shop for €250. Probably possible because its a little bit of a niche product, at least for a pawn shop.
Oh and I bought my A&H Mixwizard WZ16:2DX (last ones still made in England) for €275, from a church that moved onto a digital mixer.

Worst: recently I had some bad Eurorack modules that were sold as working great but weren’t.

I think the only piece of my current gear that I bought brand new was my OT:)

I got my OT mk2 new on sale last year before they raised the prices. Out the door at just around $1100. Now they’re $1500 new :open_mouth:

Also last year scored my ASR-10 and a recently refurbished MPC 2000xl for $800 together! I think they’re now EACH worth more than that.