Best way to mute Digitone from Octatrack using MIDI (solved)

dear esteemed members of this elite community! i am hoping one of you has a better idea than my very dumb one.

i would like to be able to use SCENES on the Octatrack to mute not only tracks on same but also tracks on a Digitone. (e.g., scene B mutes tracks 1 & 7 on the Octatrack and Tracks 1 & 2 on the Digitony)

will i be sending a volume change via CC? has anyone else attempted this?

thank you in advance for your wisdom!

The cross fader sends CC48 only. Not possible with OT alone.

With a midi processor it’s possible to convert it to a DN volume CC on different channels.


Thank you! What if the cross fader is not the operative “trigger” but rather Scene A, for example, unmutes a MIDI trig that sends a Volume or Amp parameter to the external device (digitone)?

Scene A unmutes a midi trig? OTs scenes don’t work on midi tracks.

Digitone mute is cc94, so you could use midi ctrl parameters on the OT to mute tracks.
You’d have to check at which point the mute comes into effect - 0 or 127 or between 64 and 65 - between 0 and 1 is the easiest when you’re using knobs to control mutes.

Or control track level from your OT. More creative and mixing use, p-lock it if you need.


Thank you, this sounds like the path forward. I appreciate the advice!

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You’re welcome!
Actually the four synth tracks on the Digitone match perfectly to OT’s CTRL1 page. In addition to pitchbend and aftertouch, four midi CCs are on that page, so easy to remember what you’re controlling.
The six encoder layout on the OT sometimes makes it hard to remember what is mapped, especially in hectic situations. I guess many of us are used to a four-four layout or multiple rows of eight.


Muting with CC94 is not perfect.
The think to know is that CCs with similar consecutive value (X) are sent only once.
You have to send a different value before sending again that X value.
(Workaround with suare lfo set to one)


Is the Digitone coming in on a thru track? If so, you could just use a ‘volume 0’ trig with a trc to silence the Digitone at the appropriate time.

The advantage of this is that you can also use LFOs and slides to create fades, gating etc :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes it’s coming in via a THRU but I’m using all four of its tracks for both percussion and melody and would like to be able to mute the perfect tracks on it at the same time that Indi some of the percussion on the OT.

after processing all the great answers here, I realized that if I sequence the track I want to affect on the Digitone using the Octatrack, I can then use the OT’s Quick Mute mode to simultaneously mute the OT and DT tracks. It’s not as lazy as crossfading to scenes but it will do!

thank you again @sezare56 and @Schnork and @djenzyme as I wrote in OP, I’m just learning this instrument and ask dumb questions.


So you sequence DN (DT=DigiTakT) with OT midi tracks? Of course this works. Mixer mutes can do the job too.

I wonder if you can also plock parameters on the DN (with yellock trigs).

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Afaik it works. :slight_smile: which is pretty much beyond awesome! :wink:

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I experimented it a bit with DN, lock trigs where working playing live, but I’m not 100% sure about external midi. (Doesn’t work with A4/AK or OT, except during release).
Only lock trigs on 4 tracks, playing live on 1 track, 4 layers.

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I don’t remember who I asked if trigless locks could be used on the Digitone while sequenced from another sequencer… @Microtribe maybe?

I didnt ask. But yes they can. Sometimes I sequence my DN from OT (to get use of the OT midi arp and 3 LFOs) . You can indeed use trigless locks on the DN while it is recieving midi sequencing from an external source.