Best way of using A4 as audiointerface

There’s a lot of confusion in my head about the proper way to use a4 as an audiointerface.
At the moment I have usb audio interface, which is pretty good, but it doesn’t support ASIO. A also have pair of jbl lsr 305 connected to this interface via trs-rca cables. Audio sometimes sounds weird (detuned) when i play from usb midi keyboard. So I assume there’s too much things are going on to handle.

So I’m thinking of making simple and quick configuration where my a4 will be the center of it all. I’ve already connected my Midi keyboard directly to a4 via midi cable. So the next steps should be connecting a4 to my speakers. That’s where I stopped. My monitors have both balanced XLR and ¼” TRS Inputs. A4 has only TRS outs. Are there any benefits of using TRS to XLR cables or should I just use TRS to TRS? And also. Could A4 be used as an stereo audiointerface while I’m outside the DAW. Like for music listening? How good it is comparing to modern budget interfaces like Scarlets 2/4 series?

Or maybe there’s a way to send audio via USB only like Overbridge does for listening music? Is it possible? So many questions, i know.

TRS to TRS or XLR doesn’t make a difference, just different connectors. They are both balanced.

I don’t think the A4 can be used as an audio interface. So you cannot listen to music. I’ve also found notes are ‘doubling’ when using the headphone output.

For me the A4 isn’t my go-to soundcard. I’m using the Scarlets as my main soundcard which is also ASIO enabled and get pretty fair latencies.

You certainly can, just set it to be your system audio output !!


Cool, I’ll try when I get home… Sorry for the misinformation.


I haven’t tried it yet too. So to make it work i need a pair (for left and right) of TRS cables and I’m ready to go, right?

It doesn’t need to be TRS to TRS

TS to TS will be totally fine for short/medium lengths assuming your powered monitors aren’t too fussy

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I saw few topics on reddit where somebody told that they have some sort of noise. Currently I’m using RCA and I only hear quiet white/pink noise. And what about the overall sound quality comparing to Scarlets or something like that?

I dunno, but there’s a comment on here where an Elektron employee thought the AD converters were objectively as good as a half-decent soundcard

But let’s get serious, this isn’t something you buy to be a soundcard, that’s just a convenient option when you’re in a tight spot or travelling perhaps

I’ve just compared a4 headphones output to my audiophile dac/headphones amplifier (audiotrak dr.dac 2) which I bought like in 2008 or something like that. Dr DAC 2 wins it without any doubt. A4 sound is very muddy compared to this dac with some changed OUs (Burr Browns). So yeah. I think external ASIO DAC will be needed at some point. Well, at least I don’t have to spend money on cables at the moment.

Cool, checked and never seen that before :-):

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is it compatible with macOS Catalina? I don’t see A4 as an audio source on my Mac :frowning:

mac OS Catalina is not yet supported by Overbridge.

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Anybody knows about any estimates when to expect a new OB compatible with MacOS Catalina?

Nope. It will simply be out when it’s ready, probably in an extension of the current beta. You won’t get estimates, that’s a given, but rest assured it is being worked on.

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