Best videos explaining Parts

Oops. That should read: 10.2 PARTS on page 52. Will fix. Thanks!


Well it is a looper…


Agree — that video is super informative. Worth every penny.

A good way to figure out some parts workaround is to analyze the PRESETS project and its patterns OT comes loaded with out of the box. That helped me understand them better in an ordered sort of way. They could definitely be used in a myriad of ways.

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@sellanraa try this one

Let me know if that helps.

Another approach to understand parts : the rock band analogy.

  • A song is a bank

  • Each section of a song – intro, verse, chorus, solo, etc. – is a pattern

  • A musician is a machine

  • A musician playing is a track

  • Each musician has different ways to sound (FX, instruments, amps …). Those are the the track settings & FX assignements.

  • At any time, the collection of all musician sound settings is a part

Let’s focus on the guitarist, track 5 of our OT rock band, and call her Judy (because we all love Judy).

  • For a particular song (bankA), Judy has a clean reverbed sound for intro (A01), verse(A02) & outro (A05) and a high gain fuzz sound for chorus (A03) and solo (A04). She obviously doesn’t need a different guitar and pedalboard for each section (pattern) (which would be the approach of saving settings per pattern), she just needs two settings “clean” or “dirt” (which would be sound settings of track 5 in part1 and part2) to be recalled on the right sections (patterns).

  • Whilst performing the intro, Judy finds the reverb of her clean sound too bright for the venue, she turns down the tone knob on the pedal. This changes her overall sound setting for her clean sound (sound setting of track5 in part1) => the reverb is darker on intro, verse and outro.

  • Judy goes crazy at the end of her solo : she cranks the fuzz gain up, detunes her guitar and finally smashes it on the drum kit. No problem : reload part => her guitar and the drum kit respawn as they were before the madness and the band can move on to the last chorus

Does that make sense ?

As all mighty god of your OT band, you can even change musicians in the middle of a song :slight_smile:

This analogy is obviously incomplete & over-simplified. But if it can help anyone move foward in their understanding of parts and the OT…