Best synth to pair with Digitakt? If you only had one


You use digital FX pedals? Why not just get a free FX app on your phone or laptop and a cheap phone interface like an IRig 2 or something?


Want to simplify. My idea is to have a synth paired with my DT but also be able to run sounds out of the DT and into the synths FX processor and resample.


Sp404 is really great for that, nice selection of FX


Yes but the SP is not a synth :frowning: Looking for a desktop analog or VA that has a multi fx and a UI on par with the Nord or Prophet. I haven’t used a Virus but it looks like it might be my only choice with those requirements.


Make Noise shared system if you got the $$


Korg Radias-R?


I went the Digitakt + Eurorack route (one case :slight_smile: ).
It can be clean (until you start patching) and great sounding combo.

The fact that you can process DT through analog stuff and record it back makes it even more interesting.


HAHA well if you got money Cwejman S1 MKII


Yeah a custom modular is definitely the BEST way to mono if you can afford it. I’ve been afraid to take the leap since you’re looking at what? $2000 just for a case and a few oscillators, filter and EV generator?


It is worth the trouble, pulling the trigger and buying your first oscillator $500 oscillator is definitely scary at first. Then you wake up on a Sunday morning and you have a 6U 108hp case self oscillating making your whole house rattle like UFOs just landed in your living room and you will wonder why you chose to invest in it. :slight_smile:


Eurorack can be expensive but so are standalone synths, drum machines etc.
Synth voice like Mother 32 / modified 0-coast can be a good, not too expensive start for example.
The problem comes with the empty space which just looks “unesthetic”. :eyes:

Cheap Doepfer case can look really good when you put more work into it.
Oiling/staining, attaching custom handle and in the end filling it with modules creates really unique piece. :slight_smile:


I’m really close to getting an 0-coast, I love the sounds it makes, but I havn’t heard really good examples of it doing techno/acid yet.


DT and Heat arrived today - can’t wait to run the MnM through the heat to warm it up, then sample into the DT. DT works well with the Waldorf Microwave XT.


You just convinced me, I need a heat. I bet it’s gonna make the mono sound so good.


Happy to report that the Digitakt to iPad over USB > CCK is smooth. Obviously lots of possibilities there. It was not my initial intention to pair the two and to be honest I hadnt used my ipad in quite a while for production. But it has become very relevant again, as I liquidated most of my synths but still wanted a multitimbral friend for digitakt

Sold off my tetra which paired nicely but I tired very quickly of that sound. ATM its iPad an OP-1 and a Shruthi 4pm as my only synths which is wierd but very liberating


Perhaps you might think outside the box and consider a Yamaha DX-7, DX-100, DX-21, etc. These are great for bass, noise, pads and odd sound effects.


I would say a moog. Preferably one with a keyboard and wide range, like the sub 37. I’ve had an analog four for years but its just not immediate enough for my tastes when getting ideas going. Moogs have an instant creative flow to them. Using an analog four is great to fill in spots (it has four voices and can fill in a lot). I say get a keyboard moog because if you later get an A4 you can control that as well via midi through the digitakt. But The digitakt really benefits from some meat and potatoes when it comes to controlling and sampling. I’ve been using my gear so much more now having the digitakt as a hub and surrounding it with moogs, pedals, the rytm and heat…


You can just get an emulator that does FM better than that old DX series.


Define “better”, and how one does it better than the standard?


Never even heard of that synth! Looks interesting.