Best synth to pair with Digitakt? If you only had one


I guess if your ears can’t hear the difference between analog and digital oscillator, noise generators and filter, then yeah it doesn’t matter.

Most synthesists however can hear the difference. Hence the reason why people still uses analogs when digital ones are so much cheaper. The original SH-101 for instance has one of the best analog noise generators I’ve ever heard.

Not to mention that there’ already an SH101 plugout from roland that’s only 150 bucks.

Furthermore if you’re sampling from a digital source with ‘audio in’ you’re going to encounter a certain degree of diether that you wouldn’t get recording from an analog noise source.

I’m willing to be if you side by sided a real sh-101 with the new fake you’d hear why I’m not excited about the digital one.


maybe take a look at the Korg Monologue, if you’re thinking something closer to an SH-101 (at a great price) - it’s a fantastic, monophonic synthesizer.


if i had to choose one it would be the Matrixbrute. Or a vintage Super Jupiter. It’s quite existentially agonising to try choosing between the two, thankfully both are out of my current price range so it’s all hypothetical.


I swore to not buy anything until I had mastered the mono machine but this video really makes me want a 0 coast. I shall resist the urge!


here’s another track to put you off of the 0-coast ;|


It’s on my radar, but I think i’d rather wait and see if this rumored Behringer 101 clone materializes any time soon.

In the mean time I got my eye squarely on that 0-coast. I like that video. I’d like to hear more of what the 0-coast sounds like when you attempt to do 303 acid house type stuff with it.


You should really try these boutique series, they are frankly worth it IMO.

I had an incredible time with the 0-Coast yesterday night, this synth is wild !


An OB-6. Mine just arrived and I’ve been bugging out on the filter for the last hour. My god it is musical.
Problem is it’s soo expensive, had to sell my soul to buy one :wink:


I was going to post the OB-6 as my pick as well, but not really because it’s particularly suited for the Digitakt, but just because it is my desert island synth (if I could have only one).


get a mono.


Yeah, any decent mono is good times with a sampler, especially an Elektron. I do recommend you get something with 2 oscillators, there’s just a lot more fun to be had that way.




yeah i bought a SH01a, will see how it goes once it arrives. Aus release date is 12 of November


I think an 0-coast is next on my list


I’m thinking the same thing.

I sure with I still had my FSXS in the meantime though.


behringer analog 101 would be an instabuy from me


Have you seen the teaser images for the MS-101? Could be photoshopped, but damn I hope not.


yeah, seems like it was behringer themselves who teased it, so potentially real? They’ve teased a lot of remakes recently so who knows.


With their moog clone around the corner, and all the preorders it’s getting I wouldn’t be surprised if they just starting making lots of clones all the time now. Either way if it is real I’m sure it’s at least a year away from a release.


Looking for a tabletop companion. My ideal would be a Nord A1r or a prophet rev2 desktop but I really want something like those with audio inputs so I can use internal effects and ditch my pedals. Is the Virus my only option?