Best samplers 2020 via music radar



looks alright with ublock origin


Still misleading though.

3 out of the top 4 (including the top 2 spots) just goes to show that no one has touched Elektron in the sampling category for quite some time. And Octatrack is still kicking ass years after its initial release.


OT should be number 1, IMHO.


MusicRadar is more a site for press releases and paid promotion than it is a site for genuine news and reviews :slight_smile:

But I still like looking through their “10 best Keyboards in the world right now” lists or equivalent (and usually something like the Akai MPK mini will be like No. 3 or 4 lol)

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Nice job, :3lektron:

Agreed. But theres no arguing it’s the more accessible of the two.

Norns should be on that list imho, however low.

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Good look for Elektron.

I feel bad for AKAI.
Top 2 are Elektrons and #4, the MS doesn’t even sample (I still love it, but it means this Best of list has an elephant sized caveat)

Volca Sample beat the MPC One?
They might want to recalibrate their uhhh, Radar.


This list is almost identical to 2019’s, save for the inclusion of the MPC Live MK2. Can’t remember what was in its place; I’ll guess Live MK1 though…

Fine on Opera in adblocking mode too.

I assumed Music Radar pages just showed up entirely blank if an ad blocker were engaged.


PO-33 should be 1 on that list. For the price and function, KO for life! That little dude puts a smile on my face every time I use it. So simple but so powerful.


Did they leave any sampler off the list?



TE PO-33 is #12


I wonder what a pure sample player (M:S), which cannot sample, is doing on this list.


MS and Volca Sample are in cahoots.

Looks more like a “best groove box sample machine” advert. With outdated details.
:partying_face: Vote 1 Blackbox.

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the very best:

10. Korg Volca Sample

with… unbelievable, hold on … just look for yourself

Poor DAW integration/connectivity

even my microwave can do this!!! shame on you Korg!! :joy_cat:

The DAW integration comment is the type of lazy criticism that Music Radar does - virtually none of the Volcas have USB or anything. It’s not that hard to come up with a more legit list of cons - they just didn’t want to expend the tiny bit of mental effort it would have required. It’s like criticizing a ukulele for having less strings and shorter neck than a guitar.

They fail to mention the 3rd party apps that Korg at leasts bothers to list on their site:

Volca Sample has been out for a few years now. There are apps for it. Failing to mention them in a 2020 article that includes the VS is inexcusable.