Best music hardware of 2019 so far?

Op-z sampling


If I had the desk space…pioneer toraiz squid.

Runner up. Akai force.


Mod Devices ModDuo X ?

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Didn’t try it, but judging on demos… Novation Summit

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Zoia hands down. probably for years to come

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Octatrack :slight_smile:


I bought it in 2019…


Zoia does seem amazing, but I just got into eurorack a few months ago and have enough patching headaches for now!


Id go for the moog matriarch
this was hands down the best sounding synth @superbooth in my ear. leaving the moog one in the dust.

on the module side the wmd metron is really cool
Im also curious how the makenoise mimeophone will play out.

other gear: fostex 909 headphones, I now barely use my monitors for mixing and mastering decisions anymore …


Holy crap, for the price, I would hope they render your monitors obsolete. :eyes:


yes, they mostly do. I still do doublechecs with different monitors, but most parameters for compressors, reverb, eq etc. i can better adjust with the 909s.

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Arturia microfreak.

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MPC Live latest updates


What did they add?

Holy crap, that looks great. How’s the usability?

This is the main thing that has aroused my interest this year.

I don’t have one. Haven’t brought any new gear in ages, and not excited by much, but Zoia looks like it is just my cup of tea.

If I’m a very lucky boy [*] my lass will bring me one back from the US with her.

[*] No luck involved. I have to meet a set number of conditions, else, no beuno :expressionless:

Automation lanes that can edited for every conceivable parameter available. Not as good as plocking the Elektron way but very powerful.

Microfreak is really nice. Have not gotten my hands on one but most GAS inducing one is tasty chips GR-1, I need one

  • Overall winner: Empress Zoia, I’ve written plenty about my all-consuming love for it already on this board

  • Eurorack:

    • Frap Tools Falistri for being my definitive answer to the stale omnipresent advice to “get a Maths”

    • Joranalogue Filter 8 for not being a filter module so much as a full-on, open-ended filter design toolkit

    • Make Noise Mimeophon, if loopop’s review is any indication we’ll all be selling our old delays, granulars, and loopers frantically to get a hold of it

  • Big flagship synth: Moog Matriarch. What is there to say? It looks and sounds stunning and is really surprisingly forward-thinking in its feature set. And it’s not unobtainium like that other Moog synth.

  • Drum machine: Soma’s Pulsar-23 is the only drum machine that’s been truly lustworthy for me since I watched my first Machinedrum videos in the mid-00s.


The Hydrasynth from ASM