Best mixer?


I am thinking of getting a mixer for my digitakt, digitone and octatrack gear + one analog synth. what mixer would you recommend? I’ve been loolking a lot on the allen and heath px5, a dj mixer clearly but I think it would fit the bill.
but for the same cash I can get the tascam live 24, a really solid analog mixer.
so, what is your thoughts?


What’s your budget ?


Do you have a sound card already ?
I really like the mixer+sound card solution.

A key point is to have several Aux to route the signals towards fx. And thus the additional inputs for the FX outs.


max 1200€.
a dj mixer is tempting, but for the same amount of money I can get a really good analog mixer.


I would go for the analog mixer , and see which AUX options are available . Trust me there will be a time you’re gonna want to add some FX etc …


there is a fx send and return on the px5 + inbuilt effects


yes , up to you to decide… is it more for live purpose of or studio work…etc ? Make a list of everything you want your mixer to be able to do… then go down that list and check if the px5 ticks all the boxes , if not , research other options .


At one point I was looking at rotary mixers until I saw the price tag…

obviously there is more bells for the money on a regular analog mixer. But I have ableton live and a decent soundcard, scarlett 18i8 so I guess I could use that as a mixer. but I want to stay away from DAW setups and the live aspect of the px5 interests me. but it is not cheap.


my traditional answer is Zoom LiveTrack L-12.
but there’s a downside (for some people): no MIDI.


My Mrs loves her Kitchen Aid. Bought it for her a few years back for almost £500. She would argue its the best mixer she’s ever used.


I use the px5 and it is a good mixer. Each channel is stereo so for mixing like a dj its much better suited to me rather than a mixing desk.

Remember if using most desks you need to use 2 channels for a stereo signal


PX5 is analog.

The new xone 96 has 6 (full) channels tho ;)…2 send /returns plus a master insert for fx


Yeah I think @s3kn0tr0n1c right, it’s more at first what’s you really after ?

Summing + Mixing + Record > Analog Mixer
Mixing + Record + Recall > Digital Mixer

Do you separate in your workflow I mean do you use computer + VST + DAW

If you’re not a live performer I would go Analog Summing “route”
That way I recommend LOW END analog workflow and Mid+high frequencies by the computer
(Soundcraft 22 MTK, Tascam 24 or dedicated Summing alternative box + sound card I think you can find it in your budget) cons are you will have to save your mixing config the olds cool way, pause your work on that track, Finnish that track tomorrow workflow. Could be a good thing depend people human characteristics)

If you’re a live performer I would go digital especially for recall capabilities
(Behringer X32 price is hell low at the moment for the producer model, PRESONUS Studiolive series, Halen & Heat QU series is also a good option)

I talk only about mixer because that’s what you ask for. but it’s really depends how you mixing things to gives advises… a RME soundcard with I/O needs + Mixing controller could potentially be the same as Digital mixing options. (to me the pros in this scenario is recall mixing by track basis)


With such a budget I would go for an A&H Qu16. The instant dawless multitrack is awesome.
And you could get rid of your audio interface…

IMO Analog shines when you like to overdrive it, but you have to get it for its sound, then.


xone 96 would of course be great but it’s almost twice the price. at that level I would consider taula 4.


thanks for all suggestions, I will look into all of the above. the reason why I am looking at dj mixers is because I somtimes do long electronic pieces that need to blend in into another and I dj mixer would be good for that workflow. but I do other stuff too, so it is hard to find something that suits all purposes.


I have ableton and focusrite 18i8, I guess they could replace a desk mixer. but I want to avoid DAW if i can. the latest piece that I did was just with digitakt into digitone recording on a tascam dr-100mklll:


But do your produce tracks outside the box only, or do you perform and write LIVE performance ?
I think that part is really what make advises then better :wink:


you are right, of course.

behringer x32 seems to be popular and affordable. however, there are several models, from 1200€ (compact model) to 2200€. the compact model is whitin my price range.


Ok mixing purpose how many channel you need in front of you ever, because the different models are 8 - 16 then you have pages/layers and you can switch instantly by a button.

So you need to feel regarding your music if you need to manage from a LIVE/MIXING point of view if 8 tracks and switching can be ok or 16 tracks without much switching - Me personally I like 16 to 22 it’s a comfort but then it’s not the same price as on your right it’s Bus on your left track if I remembering well.

You have also more economical options with things like Behringer X18 or MIDAS (same thing MIDAS preamps) but motorized faders and iPad tactile faders are really not the same. If you need to recall static mixing it’s really a good option

If you works dynamic mixing it’s not from my experience