Best method for live reverse?


I’m wanting to play instruments into my OT and let it manipulate the feed of the instruments in real time- pitch(which won’t be an issue) and reverse(which is an issue) as I believe trying to reverse a live sample won’t have any output.

Possibly a trigless trig locked to -Rate but how do you return to the live feed? Maybe lay down the recorder and track sequence to mirror each other?

Best practices, anyone?


An auto-reverse walkman



You’re the best! A meme and useful advice! Thank you very much!


Newb here. Sounds very interesting. Could you elaborate on the setup?

What is sample locked on Track2’s step 1?
Does track 1 represent the normal live track? Track 2 is the live reversed effect?


I think it might be easier to experiment for yourself than to read an explanation of it

I don’t fully understand what’s going on either, for the record


You can use a different sample on each step.
Press a trig + level knob > choose.
The dry signal is input AB in this case.
Can you test with external signal?

Simpler example using 2 tracks. Track 1 plays recording 2 after 8 steps, and Track 2 plays recording 1 after 8 steps. Recordings need to be finished to be reversed.

Track 1 : Flex, Recording 1, trig on step 9, Rate -63
Recorder 1 : rec trig step 1, RLEN = 8
Track 2 : Flex, Recording 2, trig on step 1, Rate -63
Recorder 2 : rec trig step 9, RLEN = 8


You could look into delay pedals with reverse. I used to have a TC nova repeater for my bass and could set it up to 100% wet with reverse on single repeat so it didnt echo. Aside from that maybe a SP404 with “djfx” on the ext. source but it wont reversed as accurately.


Maybe with the SP404- the issue with a singular pedal is that it will only work as a single source but my intention is to accomplish this live and dynamically

1 guitar/bass/whatever and 8 different manipulations


@Inoshi’s explains the method better than me. :slight_smile:


Ah, then I dont think the SP404 would work either then since you only have 1 input/output. Only way it would work with SP is if you presample the stuff and trigger them on the pads.


Strymon Timeline, stereo with midi clock…

Or reverse a tape!


Red Panda Tensor is the most amazing thing ever, it’s the digital equivalent of playing a vinyl record, pitch shifting, reverse, time stretching, sampling & a brilliant randomisation all in realtime.


Something new :thinking: