Best gear to record hardware devices on separate tracks simultaneously

I actually bought a 12 MTK too, after all. Decided I wanted full analogue summing and the UFX woulda given me only 4 outputs from Auria. One other unexpected plus of the 12 MTK was the form factor - turns out it fits like a glove inside a Magma XL controller backpack! :sunglasses:

Inital impressions are - the DAC sounds very smooth (hopefully not too much so). Certainly pleasant sounding when listening to my music library. Will hook it up to the rig soon an let you know what I think. Right now I feel like I like the DAC sound more pleasant on headphones than my UAD Apollo twin (wtf)

The pres are pretty quiet I must say! Don’t mind the build q either tbh, good enough for me.


Does your friend have any issues with making multiple 24bit recordings across multiple power cycles onto the same USB drive? There’s been talk on some other forums about people having to reformat their drives every time before they record in “hi” (24bit) mode. If that’s the requirement then you’d might as well just record into a DAW, imho.

I don’t know about 24bit issues, we consciously stuck to 16bit recordings when jamming into it, as the USB drive we had with us wasn’t that large.

Mind you, i still prefer to record my stuff into a DAW, for multiple reasons, esp. immediacy of editing. : )

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thx for the info how do you find the quality on recording?

has anyone tried the Behringer X AIR XR18?


It may be discussed in this thread btw


nuffin beats against those pre’s.

Allen & Heath ZED R16. True analog (amazing EQ´s based on the famous Soundcraft Ghost). 16 RME pre amps/converts. Build in Firewire interface. You can send 16 channels in and out (Pre EQ or Insert)with a button press and have channel 17/18 for Master record. You can even use plugins in DAW live and send it back on the channel to EQ and mix analog. Low latency. Just amazing value. Bought it for 1100 € used. Sounds dope and hands on faders/mixing are just a different thing.

Lot´s of praise here and direct respond from Allen & Heath :


This interface from Tascam, named CeleSonic, looks very promising as well. I’m thinking about this as well!

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if youre recording in a daw, get the rme 802, you can extend it via adat with a ferrofish. great mixing matrix, soundquality and very short latency. for standalone recordings take the rme ufx.

i tried the k-mix, nice little box, but very sluggish controls and a bad signal to noise ratio, thats 20 db worse than the one from rme. cant reccomend it

the qupac is fine, when youre also playing live. for the studio Ill prefer rme, it has more options, shorter latency and better signal quality.

you can record all single channels, the number depends on if you doin 48 or 96 khz.

its really cool with the totamix matrix. i use it with a ferrofish adat a16. so i have 24 channels on 2 he. but i seldom use the usb recording. because the latency is so short, less than 4ms roundtrip, i just play and monitor everything through the daw, very convenient.

I almost splurged on that, but went for the QuPac instead.

I may have gone for the ice if it was this cheap!

Crazy price drop!

I have a Motu Traveler for grabs here if interfaces aren’t out of the question. It’s a standalone mixer as well.

I have the Behringer XENYX UFX1604 and it does a perfectly good job to record the individual tracks into the DAW.

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The reverb on the k-mix is nothing really special, but I do think it works fine for adding some ambiance to instruments in live use.

Why not just get a bigger 8 or 16 input Behringer interface instead? They are pretty good and not that much more expensive than getting four of those tiny ones.

I have X18 and pretty happy with it :slight_smile:
I always find difficult to reply to the quality question without to compare few record device - Soundcard and make an A/B test. But to me it’s ok i didn’t notice Overbridge better or worst. Quality is fine.

I didn’t like the Behringer UFX1604 better to go with soundcraft MTK model all the way

What’s really cool on the X18 is the weight. I backpack it and go for Live very easily. I can recall my mixing configurations :stuck_out_tongue: that’s very cool. and i re-warm is ASS with the Analog Heat at the END between Sound System and X18 master outputs on Stage.

Every decision i made on buy THINGS are Hybrid oriented (Nomad Studio and Stage, Weight and Sound Quality, Multiple goals on usage… so it’s always difficult to choose what i need because there’s a lot of requests by my side, too much i guess. and Price too lol so…)


I’m confused as to which one I should get… Most (all?) of their mixers just sum everything to two channels, and their multi-input interfaces—much like most others—only have a few analog inputs, leaving the rest to a digital connection. Why can’t there just be something simple, with 8–16 inputs, that I can plug everything into and then mix using software? Perhaps the Cymatics LR16 plus custom cables is the way to go…

My Scarlett pre8 should be coming soon. I will let you know how that goes.