Best gear to record hardware devices on separate tracks simultaneously


My hardware collection is growing and I’m trying to decide what kind of mixer or multitrack recorder to get. My inspiration kind of dies if I try to record each instrument separately to DAW one at a time. Without mixer or recorded I’ve ended up recording all the gear in a single track while jamming but it doesn’t leave so much possibilities for post editing.

I’ve found some interesting options online, one is Soundcraft Signature 12MTK. It seems to be a stand alone mixer but also work as a 12 channel USB interface (it sounds very promising). Some other options I’ve found are some digital multitrack recorders that work without computer.

I’m sure I’m not the only one struggling with this issue, so what are your solutions to this problem? What are the pros and cons of using a mixer/interface vs recorder. What gear do you use?


I have a similar situation and still looking for right gear.
Have a look to this :
Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]

Try a korg sr1 sound on sound recorder; unlimited wav recording of tracks/overdubs - then drop them all automatically sync aligned into your daw from sd card.

i’m in the same boat, i’ve been recording stuff through OB but you don’t get all the tracks so i still need to do things separately so far i’ve done a few tracks by recording stuff that doesn’t change too much (kicks subs percussion etc) first in ableton and lay out a basic arrangement and then jamming the rest that needs tweaking like i would live it’s not the same but i’m getting used to it and it sounds good…
i’ve got my eyes on the Qpac as well it looks like the best option but i can’t afford it yet…i’m not sure if the sound card on the 12MTK will be that good it needs to be tested plus on the Qpac you have all the extra mixing option prossecing ext…

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Allen and Heath Qu-PAC


What is your budget?

I love my Qu Pac.
I particularly like the flexibility of being able to record with or without a DAW.

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I’ve never even tried the usb stick thing but I have it so well set up with Ableton and love it too. Great sound, great FX, great flexibility, plenty of I/O

This topic is great. I jam with a friend on a bunch of hardware while he is totally in the box on his laptop. I would love for him to be able to record my separate machines. The Qu-PAC seems like a bit of overkill, is there a simpler solution? A sound card car with lots of inputs perhaps?

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great to hear i want to get one down the line but i’d like to get opinion from producers on sound quality i was looking at the apollo with 16 inputs but that’s way out of my budget plus i’m starting a band that will mix electron gear with live instruments and vocals so the qpac looks ideal for gigs or studio sessions…

One of the reasons I went with the QuPac was the cost of a refurbished unit matched that of most soundcards with more than 16 analog inputs.

I’ve had a go with 8 channel soundcards + adat expanders in the past. There were inevitable clocking issues that would arise. So a single unit had always been my desire.

How about Cymatic Audio LR-16?

16 analog input and able record direct to Stand–alone USB Hard & Thumb Drives.
(Although the usable cables are somewhat limited.)



I adore my Midas F24. Its huge. But sounds and functions great. And pretty affordable for what you get.

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qu-pac is my mixer dream come true.

I bought it with a 36-month interest free credit card. I advise you do the same, but I’m no financial coach. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great to wake up to find many good replies! What comes to QuPac, it seems great but too pricey for me at the moment. If I understand correct it’s a standalone mixer, standalone recorder and a usb multitrack audio interface at the same time. I love that combination and some cheaper solution would be great. My budget would be max some 500 €, I’ve got so many other things to get too.

Cymatic seems to do be a nice price standalone recorder but can it only record two tracks via usb to computer?

Midas seems quite huge indeed, I don’t think it can fit in my studio.

The other options seems interesting too I’ll have to check them out later today!

So are there any products that do all the three things that QuPac does but with lower price! Perhaps some Tascam etc? I need at least 10 jack inputs. No microphone needed.

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I use an old Focusrite pro 40 + old Focusrite octopre with Adat. In to Daw. 16 channels. Never had any clock issues with it etc. Solid for 5 years +. Works as a level mixer without the computer turned on too. Firewire connection tho which I don’t know if you have?

So I can do individus outs of each live track in Tommy summing mixer back into the qupac sound card ?

I don’t have firewire connection so usb needed

What do you have between your hardware and computer?

This k-mix seems like an interesting option. I really need to check the specs better.

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All 16 input able to record separately via usb to PC/Mac/FlashDrive.

So,for example,connect Analog rytm’s stereo out and Octatrack stereo out to cymatic,recording files are
AR L and R,OT L and R,total 4 tracks.

i just upgraded my audio-interface and decided to buy a STEINBERG UR44 for 293€. My setup is OT/crackle synth/ipad, meaning i use 5 out of 6 inputs right now while being able to record them simultaneously. coming from a focusrite solo it is a real joy now to have them in my DAW, so i can jam and record to edit them later. also i do have 2 monitor-out and 4 line-out, so i’m able to route sound into the OT straight. have fun!