Best Elektron pairs

OT + AR for me.

With a little help from a SH 101 and a Sub 37.


I ended up pairing OT MK2+A4 MK2 and so far happy with this. I can use the A4 for pads/drums and to manage my 0-coast semi modular and someday modular gear if I go down that path. Was looking at a third box like a Rytm but waiting a while on Elektron to fix the issues on the MK2 Rytm and my time is better focused on mastering my two Elektron boxes and 0-coast gear. I do like the Digitone as a future synth for FM type stuff.

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Digipair for me, designed to cover lots of ground together.

MD i use in pair with the eurorack, trigger outs all the way :muscle:


I wouldn’t have expected this, but same here. I transitioned from AR + A4 (Mk. I) to DT + DN earlier this year.

This is a very specific use case, but I’m a singer-songwriter, and the limitations and features (fixed BPM per pattern, more visual interface of envelopes, simpler kit structure, polyphony on DN, musical scales, simplicity of both machines, Ctrl-All) have felt like a much more conducive workflow for vocal-centered song structures.

Now if only we could get a song-mode of some sort for the Digi-twins…

I do miss that wooly analog sound of the Analog series, but not the workflow at all.


I absolutely loved my AR+AK combo in a live performance situation.

  • Playing with performance modes / mutes / fills/ prewritten patterns on the AR.

  • backing Sequence running in the meantime on AK while I play on the keyboard and joystick on top of that.

  • No mixer needed.

  • not too overwhelming for my little brain

So fun!!!

I just sold my AK for an A4mk2 + keystep + expressive e touché.
Haven’t wired this set up yet but I already can tell that I miss the amazing keybed of the AK!!

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The second one I detail in another post.

The first one requires a look at both manuals’ appendices, where you’ll find all their MIDI implementation info. The subject probably deserves its own post when I have time, as it’s a bit complicated and in any case the results don’t give you the sort of freedom that a dedicated MIDI controller would. But with forethought I’ve found it useful.

In essence: You need to create MIDI machines on the MD that will send CC messages to the MnM.

Why it’s complicated: You need to decide in advance what MIDI channels each MnM track will receive on (this is in the MnM’s Globals), and then be consistent about where you put your MIDI machines in your MD kits, because a MIDI machine will only send to its corresponding track’s channel (i.e., you can only control MIDI channel 1 with the track labeled BD, channel 2 with SD, etc.). Once you’ve made these assignments, you can make CC assignments to the MIDI machine that will affect the MnM parameters you choose.

The main limitation in practice (for me, anyway) is that for some reason you can’t just go to the MIDI machine’s track and start tweaking away, like you can with a typical MIDI controller. In other words, live MD tweaks don’t instantly change the MnM. You need either trigs or LFOs.

One way is to plock a few CC values and then everything will change when the sequencer hits the trig. (I find it useful to mute the MD track, and then when I want a bunch of things to change on the MnM at once, unmute it, and bang, instant gratification.) The other way is to assign some of the the MD’s LFOs to the CCs and let the LFOs do the work. Nice for evolving sounds when you run out of MnM track LFOs.

Hope this helps, and enjoy :slight_smile:


Sorry to write this, because it’s a bit out of topic, but with midi machine on what ever track (BD, SD,…) you choose, you can program the midi channel. So you can have channel 16 on BD and channel 1 on Sd.
If I have misunderstanding the quote part of your post, please apologies.


I’m pleased to read this. Waiting on arrival of MnM to go with MDUW. Everything else is in the cupboard. I need limitations or I go crazy and wind up with audio mush, every time!
EDIT: maybe I’ll keep the 0-coast and Nyx though… :slight_smile:

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Just dipping my toes in the elektron water and purchased an Analog four mki - trying to expand into sounding more modular-ish without going modular ($$$) Any recommendations of what to add next for a two Elektron piece rig (rytm, DT, OT)?

Current Gear: Analog 4, Nord Lead 4, Nord Drum 3, Yamaha Mox8, Reason 10

Well the Analog Four is the only classic “synthesizer”, the others are rather sampling machines or with a dedicated drum machine design. If you seek a modular-ish sound I´d probably take that one.

Digitakt or AR MkII for sampling capabilities. It is a pseudo-expansion of the the voices. Digitakt is probably a bit better since it is less expensive and keeps the sound design focused within the A4.

Design percussion with A4 then sample it into DT. Then the A4 is free for leads/basses/pads.


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You can find a number of used OT MKI and RYTM MKI units available. The OT will keep you busy exploring for years.

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Machinedrum is the A4 soulmate. The crisp sounds of those digital percussions act as the ying to the warm analog yang.

It was always a fulfilling experience playing the both of them together.

On the other hand, you can do it all with an A4 and OT


i also can say…octatrack and a4 can do all the trick, no matter what…

never needed less end mixing aproach in the daw when dealing with only these two sources…

best sounding trax i ever did where all done with just these two…or even just with the a4 all alone…

but mpc and nord lead came always pretty close, too…


What kind of sounds would like to obtain with modular ? Apparently different setups possible with Elektron, :smile: but it won’t cover all modular possibilities.
As A4 has already really great CV GATE sequencer capabilities, don’t you want to try it ? You can find some cheaper modular gear.


Thx so much!

Hey all, this is my first post to the forum after lurking for a while.

I recently purchased a DT as my first piece of Elektron gear and I am absolutely loving it. The workflow is surprisingly intuitive and I find that some new idea readily emerges every time I turn it on.

I’m still learning how to use the box, but I can already tell that I’d like to pair it with another piece of gear. I’m currently thinking about an A4 mk1 and a DN as something to handle more melodic elements and leave the DT with the rhythmic components. I’ve done some video research about both, but am still on the fence!

Anyone have specific input about how these two pair with the DT?

Thanks! and sorry if this post ought to be somewhere else!

DT DN is a great great pair ! I love it. Now, can you give some infos about what you want to do ? Otherwise it’s difficult to help


hmm good question! My tunes tend towards sort of dance/experimental/pop I guess. I like sampling weird rhythmic stuff with the DT, then seeing what sort of musical ideas come out of those meditations. I’ve found the process of coming up with and incorporating those ideas (especially chords and melodies) to be somewhat tedious on the DT (what with its lack of polyphony).
I really like the workflow of the DT so I think the DN would seem to be a logical choice, but I’ve seen so much love for the A4 that I’m having a hard time deciding. It doesn’t help that the two seem to be selling used for roughly the same price!