Best addition to Digitakt, Prophet 6, sub37, mb33 tetro

I had a brief experience (a few weeks) with a Moog Sirin, a Prophet 12 Module and a Digitone all together. Not entirely like your setup, but not worlds apart.

If I’d pick just one of those for sounds, workflow and just the looks of it, it’d be the Prophet 12. What a lovely instrument.

However, as I noticed over time (well, weeks, at least), the Digitone is so capable, there was just a whole lot of overlapping going on. It does great bass and can sound pretty close to anything that punches like a Moog, and the do lots of things the Moog can’t. As far as creamy analogue goes, sure, not much touches the Prophet 6, but anything else in that realm, I felt the Digitone can do and get away with it, especially when it goes into the mix.

The Digitone is the most versatile synth I’ve owned, because as much as it can sound classic and deep and add the body to it that mostly only real hard-core analogues have, it also takes you to strange and weird places which the Moogs and Prophets don’t even dream of.

I know shit about FM, I’m like the FM fool in the corner with that big cone on my head. But the presets in the Digitone just released with the Keys, are so great that for once, I’m happy to just stick with those and tweak them after the best (worst) of my abilities.

With a Digitone and an Octatrack, there’s just no place you can’t go.

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^Truth. The Digitone and Octatrack have quickly become the center of my setup. I’m pretty much neglecting all my other gear at this point. However, the Digitone’s 4 tracks aren’t quite enough for me, and my Analog 4 seems to pack a bit more punch in the low end. If the Digitone had 1-2 more synth tracks and the A4’s performance macros, I might ditch the A4 all together.

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The Digitone might be the most focused and capable synth I’ve played with. So I won’t say more on the subject :tongue:

A very good piece of equipment could be a decent mixer with aux out to seamlessly sample any piece of gear you own in the DT without needing any recabling.


Yeah, I only use the Digitone as source for loops and one shots. It all goes into the Black Box now, but the idea is to shift that to the Octatrack for final structuring and all that mayhem only the OT can do.

They work great, best of both worlds, chocolate and peanut butter :couplekiss_man_man:


Go with the Digitone you won’t regret it. You could go three tracks dedicated to drums and one track of poly FM goodness. You have sound locks on the Digitone. You can get a whole drum kit out of three tracks, no problem.


if you’re doing IDM, I suggest going down to your local shop and playing with a DFAM for half an hour. Just to give you another idea to think about :wink:

It might start you heading down Modular Street though, so be careful! haha


Not sure if you already decided on something but, I’d throw in the suggestion of a Monomachine.
The MnM FM+ engine sounds excellent and you get 6 tracks rather than 4.

Other than that, if you want to audition how well FM would help your setup, try Dexxed, which is 100% free. Play some Dexxed patches along with your synths and see what it contributes to your sound.

If you end up liking the FM tone, now consider how cool FM would be with parameter locks!!
I adore the Monomachine for this. And the Digitone has more sequencing power, as well as send fx.

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Oh and +1 about FM complimenting analog. I have the same synths as you, and FM suits it perfectly :slight_smile:

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I got a Pro2 about 8 months ago now I think… the thing truly feels like an infinite well of sound design and its ability to process audio is also note worthy. Honestly can’t think of another synth like it, really feels like it is in it’s own alternate world where the synth making timeline went in a different direction and then it got transported to are timeline. But yeah I think lots of things would go well with what you have and unfortunately the is no desktop pro2 so it might be bigger than what you want. I found sampling pro2 for drums pretty great but I also use the A4 to fill out my digitakt drums a bit. Actually thinking about it more with your set up pro2 might just be adding too much complexity but I do love mine with the digitakt.

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