Best addition to Digitakt, Prophet 6, sub37, mb33 tetro

My digitakt is my center piece and I’m thinking of getting either a Nord drum 2 or a Digitone to expand my drum sounds. Both can do more techno idm drum sounds but I’m leaning toward Digitone since it’s more versatile and overbridge :smile: . I have a p6 and a sub37 for standard synthesis sounds which leaves me wondering if the Digitone sounds are necessary for me… What do you guys thing, ND2 or Digitone for this? Making IDM basically

I have same stuff as you sort of, I also have a mictromonsta and a tx81z.
Both are cheap and compliments the P6.

You have a beautiful monosynth, you have a beautiful polysynth, you have a bass synth… + you have a lovely sampler and sequencer in the Digitakt…

The Digitone is FM synthesis, you don’t have those sounds in your arsenal…I always wonder if/how those FM sounds mix with the raw, more aggressive analog sounds, but that’s just me. The Digitone can do nice drum sounds next to all the FM goodness.

The Nord Drum 2 is your drum synthesizer. You don’t have a drum synth. Do you want to synthesise drums or are you happy with your Digitakt as sample-based drum machine?

I feel both would be sensible additions to your setup, just sort of depends what you are “missing” at the moment.

Btw, I hope you are aware that with that setup you don’t NEED anything else…just saying, as I feel it’s our duty to help each other recognise when we’re GASing :slight_smile:


I knowwwwww but I have money to spend :)))). Thanks for the advice friend :v:

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I tell this my wife every month lol :slight_smile:

To be honest, l would recommend making music with what you have… less is more…

I have been collecting gear for 25 years and I find the more gear the less time and focus on music. Less gear makes you more creative to get the sounds you want from the stuff you already have and can be really rewarding.

I do enjoy getting new gear a lot, but noticed my hobby became getting gear and not making music, so be careful of GAS…

My suggestion, use your P6 and Sub37 to make unique drum samples for your Digitakt. Layer them and add effects, sample or transfer those to your Digitakt!


I do that often, but my least favorite part is having to reconnect everything :confused:

How about some fx pedals?
I heard if you throw an insane amount of reverb with shimmer, brutal delay and wide spread chorus onto everything, all will sound incredible, a casio pt-1 too!

hihi :smiley:


Sell Digitakt & get a used Octatrack. Being able to slide on your MB33 & sample chaining alone are worth it. Not to mention X-fader scenes!


Get a Digitone & a TT 303 instead of the MB33. Or keep the MB33 as well, they’re cheap. Either way, slides are important for acid and the Digitone will give you endless FM options…

You can slide with digitakt

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Moog one

You can slide on the mb33 if you send a note while another is playing. That’s it, not more needed. And if you want to accent, you just send velo over 100. It’s very easy to sequence that little thing :smiley:


@monsterhippie @gekkonier Really? I didn’t think you could sequence the overlapping note slides on the Digitakt. Or do you mean play a note live while a sequence is running?

I will say that the Digitone plays VERY nicely with analog sounds. I’ve been using a Digitone and a Circuit Mono Station for live sets recently and the combo is pretty magical. I can only imagine what a Digitakt, Digitone and analog can do together.

My dilemma is, as I move forward, do I start to pull my MPC Live back into the mix or consider getting a Digitakt for a more focused consistent workflow?

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Both is possible, just alter the len parameter of the first note, or use more than one midi track :+1:

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I was aware of the multiple MIDI tracks solution but I didn’t think you could do it on a single track just by overlapping the note length. Gonna try this with my Digitone and report back :wink:

Hm. My octatrack says actually no.
I guess you are right, you need more than one track. I’ll ask my digitone.


Octatrack: you need at least 2 tracks
Digitone: you only need one - there you can alter the first lock len to get slide.

I guess Digitakt will be the same as Digitone.

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You definitely can do it on the Octatrack with 1 track. You have to extend the first trig into the second and then parameter lock the LEGATO on the second (On the Arp page).

Great news about the Digitone though! Gonna try it out soon.

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Just tested it.
So: Yes, dn, dt, ot all three are able to slide the mb33 with only one midi track.

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Sidenote - It’s also fun to use the Octatrack’s LFOs on those parameters. Legato, note length, velocity, etc. Almost makes up for the lack of MIDI CCs on the MB33 :slight_smile: