Berlin May 2019

Hey there !

I’ll be in Berlin for work on Wednesday May 22nd.
I’ll be free the whole afternoon and evening of Tuesday May 21st, then the evening of Wednesday.

Let’s meet up ! Maybe in Elektron Studios (Friedrichstraße 17)… Are you open that days, @Dataline?

Would really like to meet and have a drink or two, and maybe even play with whoever is willing to (there are chances I’ll bring a Digitakt or a Digitone).

Let me know !


So… No one wants to meet ?
Hey, Berliner, was passiert ?

hey @LyingDalai! What a pity! I will be in Berlin next week, I have a concert with my project HoneyPoney…and I stay for some days, but not till 22nd…
I would have been nice to meet you!

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Indeed :slight_smile:

Not to hijack this thread, but I got three gigs as a liveact in Berlin in May, and you’re all invited. :slight_smile: Hit me up via PM for guest list.
1o.o5 ▲ Mensch Meier
12.o5 ▲ Zuckerzauber
25.o5 ▲ Open Air [location tba]

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Hey, anyone that wants to meet on May in Berlin is welcome in this thread.

Wisely choose the 21st though :tongue:

Hey, there’s an event at Elektron Studios Berlin on 22nd with @Dataline and @boboter/JoggingHouse !!
I’ll definitely be there :grinning:
Who’s in ?


pm Ed

I had no clue this was announced, yet. Good to know :slight_smile:
Looking forward to meeting you there!

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