Behringer RD808


some of the most experimentally terrible drum programming i’ve heard in a long long time


Agreed. If this was someones music creation, I’d be less judgemental but as a gear demo, it made me think either bad, sloppy music, or a glitchy firmware/timing issues.


Yep the world definitely needs another disposable 808 clone :expressionless:


If they release it for under $150, I’ll buy.


It’s what an engineer does, when they test a machine, they just push a bunch of buttons. It’s still very early days. This machine no doubt hasn’t made it into the hands of the musicians who will craft the demos and factory patches etc.

You can probably get this machine for free – if you’re one of the people Behringer picks to do the demos and factory patches, alpha test and make any last minute suggestions. People like Divkid for example.


Free would be mighty fine! :smiley:
I’ll probably get one and the 909 as I love the size and nostalgia (sound and looks) even though I don’t really “need” them. Very keen on hearing what they do with the software.


I am keeping an open mind on this one. The MODEL D clone is excellent

If they apply the same design quality to the 808 we are in for something great.

It doesn’t have to be identical, it just has to be very good.