Behringer RD808


some of the most experimentally terrible drum programming i’ve heard in a long long time


Agreed. If this was someones music creation, I’d be less judgemental but as a gear demo, it made me think either bad, sloppy music, or a glitchy firmware/timing issues.


Yep the world definitely needs another disposable 808 clone :expressionless:


If they release it for under $150, I’ll buy.


It’s what an engineer does, when they test a machine, they just push a bunch of buttons. It’s still very early days. This machine no doubt hasn’t made it into the hands of the musicians who will craft the demos and factory patches etc.

You can probably get this machine for free – if you’re one of the people Behringer picks to do the demos and factory patches, alpha test and make any last minute suggestions. People like Divkid for example.


Free would be mighty fine! :smiley:
I’ll probably get one and the 909 as I love the size and nostalgia (sound and looks) even though I don’t really “need” them. Very keen on hearing what they do with the software.


I am keeping an open mind on this one. The MODEL D clone is excellent

If they apply the same design quality to the 808 we are in for something great.

It doesn’t have to be identical, it just has to be very good.



You guys think the sound is on point?


Color scheme is on point, for sounds it’s too early. I like that it is big and the seperate outs mean it can get a dedicated patchbay :crazy_face:


Jeah me too


yeah - it sounds pretty close to my TR-8S, so probably… :wink:


you could possibly suggest that no-one knows what an 808 sounds like anymore anyway as they’ve been listening to compressed and distorted samples of modded ones for years…


plus they all sound different anyway by all accounts…


Price will be 299 USD and shipped in March!


Don’t want to start a new thread for it, but the Vocoder is alive and the RD808 and 101 are being played in the background (move if needed mods).

Vocoder VC340

RD 808


New thread for the vocoder



300? SOLD

Let’s hope the thing will actually be available in march… and not october due to insane order backlogs


I am confused. I thought modern incarnations of 808’s required stanky neon green lights all over them?


I don’t mean to be dismissive of this machine at all, and it’s probably an impressive technical achievement to reproduce the circuitry. but unless you’re working in a specific subgenre where everyone demands slavish reproduction of an 808, why is this a killer thing to have for music making (as opposed to collecting a rare and expensive thing and being afraid to remove it from its dust cover and lay hands on it, which is what I assume most vintage 808 owners are doing)?

Pros: Everyone knows what an 808 sounds like! They’re the most used drum sound in popular music!
Cons: Everyone knows what an 808 sounds like. They’re the most used drum sound in popular music.

Hot take, but - 808s are great. Buy a high-quality sample pack of those sounds, and save the rest of that $300 toward something more interesting and flexible, like a MachineDrum or Rytm Mk II :slight_smile:


You send me a samplepack that reproduces the hihat accents perfectly, with the sounds oozing effortlessly into each other like on the OG, and then we will talk. The boutique TR08 kinda did it, but after recording it for some tracks I was disappointed to hear that it sounded too much like a VST, plasticy high freq response, stiff sound… Replaced the pattns with my analog rytm and the sound was immediately on point, although not authentic 808 anymore… so I sold off my boutique TR08.

I got drum machines up the yazoo already. If I fetishize certain idiosyncracies of the OG 808, its my perogative. Hell probably I’ll have this one gathering dust most of the time, only coming out of the closet when a particular project needs “that sound”.

Same with the RD-909.

What I do like about these clones is the added functionality (pitchable kick, 64 step pattns etc). If these sound close enough to the originals, they’ll be even more useful to me than the OGs :nyan: