Behringer RD808


101 on 1/01 first! lmao


Horrible mushy looking buttons.
Hopefully be better on 9th , and hopefully that tech( buttons on rubber pad or something like that) isn’t on their other new machines.

I know it’s a good way to reduce costs , but I’d prefer to pay a little extra for something solid / pay less for a module .


This needs to stop right now - my wallet can’t take anymore beatings. I may end up getting charges pressed against me if this monetary abuse keeps happening to my wallet.


Am I missing something or does that sound more like the Rythm wolf than an 808!


Sounds shit.


Cannot comment on sound as I’ve never owned an analog drum machine (hopefully a Rytm soon!), but the form factor on this is excellent, so much room! :heart_eyes: Other companies should take note, no more baby-size drum machines please :sweat_smile:…charge more if you have to…


The clap and hats don’t sound like an 808 to me.


The TR-8/TR-8S got an update step loop woo hoo :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t know what the OG 808 sounds like but the multiple outs and that boomy kick got me sold.

Sequence it with the Digitakt gonna be good $$$ for ya boy!


Everyone was saying that the Behringer D earlier demos sounded like crap and now almost everyone think it sounds like the real thing so … lets wait :slight_smile:

Anyway i dont need a 808 since my Rytm is the best drum machine i ever owned .


It’s strange because they sound much more 808-like in this video:


I thought the same thing. Hopefully they dial them in right in the end. Not sure if its been said here already but apparently the unit is a demo and PCB has not been properly attached which should account for the very visible flimsyness.

I hope it’s all good in the end. I’ve always wanted a big ole 808 and tge new Roland versions are cold and (ironically) cheap looking where the RD looks perfect.


I thinks it’s crazy that there’s still room in the market for an 808 clone. But hey… there’s no shortage of workstations either.


First thing I saw in the last video was the recessed buttons and overall flex in the unit and figured it had to still be an early prototype. I’m excited for one whether or not it exactly nails an 808 in the end or not. This is what I wanted the Drum Brute to be and was pretty disappointed with the v1 unit.

Posting this from another forum…

"Hi guys,

The purpose of this video is to quickly show you the additional features we have now included such as instrument tuning which many of you requested. If you look at the front panel you can now see several additional controls.

This allows for widening the sound pallets beyond the original ones. However it’s worth noting that we have kept the authentic circuitry and merely replaced some fixed resistors with variable controls.

We will be placing markers on the front panel to indicate what the original values are so you can easily replicate the original sounds.

For this prototype, the PCB has not been mechanically fixed to the chassis and hence you can see some bending of the chassis and buttons located below the surface. That will all be perfectly fine once we ship the final product.
We are currently waiting for the toolmade sample and expect shipping of the RD-808 before end of year.

Our cost calculation has given us confidence that we can offer the RD-808 below US$ 400 retail, of course with the usual market variances.

More to come…



At $400 the Boringer BOB faces stiff competition, I thought it was supposed to be $300 like the boog? Still I suppose the street price will be $300 after a few months anyway.


$400 seems reasonable.
yokto is more ,
actual 808 is much more
8raw8 is sounds only and more expensive
acidlab miami is more expensive.

tr08 , tr8s , tr8 are digital , the fact this is analogue (and presumably sounds the same as an 808) is likely to be enough for people to buy one even if they have a digital version… they all claim to sound the same but dont , even if they brought out yet another digital box with yet another update to their 100% digital recreation (which actually isnt otherwise why rework it into yet another box ) .

analog eurorack for each sound type would eventually cost more for the equivalent of this box.
sure , theres the drum brute , various mfb boxes but theyre going into different sonic territory.

and this device has multiple full size outputs , some modern stuff , likely improved sequencer , transient filter thing… it’ll sell if it can hit all the goals of an 808 / the insane amount of scrutiny it’ll get


Technically they said below $400. That probably means $399 but who knows, $349 could be the magic number.


who knows what crazy tariffs and arbitrary bull@£$ is going on by the end of the year.
its getting near another election isnt it ? (sorry for bringing him into it).


with filter bus and wave designer bus.
Skip in to 3:20 if you want to hear it played with no talking.


Did they turn on a shuffle mode or does this one has the worst timing ever?