Behringer RD808


I just want affordable 909 & 808 analog sounds for my ”gear depot”. I got the boutique 09 & 08 and they just made the itch worse…


I wonder if DX-7 is also highest selling based on aftertouch (used market)?

Sorry, I had to.


Get a nava and a yocto 808 and call it a day. One thing I am itching for is the Acidlab Detroit. Still no news on the 909 clone witty additional parameters.

I think my name for my reserved cirklon will get called before the acidlab detroit is released.


The NAVA is the closest clone of a classic Roland drum machine we’ve got in terms of circuitry and workflow. The YOCTO still does not replicate the workflow – it’s missing two trigger outs, A/B mode, and fills variations…


I have a yocto I I use it for the sound and step sequencing.

Are the tigger outs basically midi drum triggers or like drum triggers similar to a nord drum 2?


I think it’s based on direct sales from shops who carried the DX during its 6 year production run. :drum:


Yeah, instruments have never really been a cheap game though. Obviously there’s really budget stuff but as far as synths go I think £300 isn’t all that much. A £300 guitar is a relatively cheap guitar, could well be a very good guitar too though

It was more chit chat than heated debate man, don’t worry


I love that this thread has got discussion about how awful Behringer is for cloning at the same time as discussion about how good other 808 clones are. Impressive.


Tomorrow is 808 day… sneaky suspicion Mr Uli Berhinger will release it as a kick in the nuts to Roland… :slight_smile:


Looks like Roland are releasing something too, a new plugout for the system 1/8. Should be a fun one!


soo its today huh?

I’m ready to preorder :loopy:


Happy Birthday :smiley:


Could be a decent guitar, but you’re unlikely to get a really good one with everything on the fretboard at exactly the correct height and everything really nicely assembled and tested at that price unless you get lucky.


Still waiting for any announcements to splash my birthday money on.


Happy Birthday!



released on 9/9?


Good job it’s a prototype because the hats, snare and clap sound like ass, the BD sounded wrong too and the ‘drive’ made it sound mushy and flat, sounds like they nailed the cowbell though :joy:

Maybe they should have marketed it as a drumbrute clone…

I’m sure it will make some people happy, it will probably be $300 so you get what you pay for, although no doubt they will fix the flexing top panel and recessed step buttons, I’ll stick with my TR-08.


could be a 909 clone as well? hope so :heart_eyes:


909 clone demo on 9/9 to be then released 3/3?!?