Behringer RD808


Based on how the Behringer model d seems to be sticking to the shelves, and how many have already been quickly flipped on ebay, I think Behringer may have over estimated the demand for cheap copies of classic gear. Haha, what a shame.

I think it is a niche market, just like cheap copies of nike shoes have no interest to most of nikes customers, only cheap asses, who inevitably quickly lose interest.


Nooooooo! I want their 808 and SH-101! :open_mouth:




Seems to be the case, at least here in the UK based on ebay sales. Maybe it is due to the recent negative publicity or maybe it is just because in 2018 copies of old gear isn’t that interesting, or maybe it is because peoples expectations were not met.


I don’t think they will be very good, but I’d say wait 6 months till after they are released and you will have the pick of them for 50% of the launch price. I guess time will tell if I called it right, I’ll happily eat my words though if found to be wrong.


Behringer Acid doesn’t really trip off the tongue…


Surprising. In most forums everybody seemed to hype the boog. And first reviews say it sounds close to the real deal. I’m not interested in it. But I was sure it was going to be a big seller


I am pretty sure it has sold well. is calling it the ”best selling synth of all time” and until very recently it has been constantly out of stock everywhere - and still is in the US.


Possibly initially a big seller for sure, cheap stuff is easy to sell lots of, it will be the fidget spinner of synths I reckon :joy:


I dunno man, I think its because people who buy cheaper gear are significantly more likely to have to flip it for financial reasons. most of the population is made up of broke people. I think its like how people who pirate software often aren’t lost sales cause they wouldn’t have had the money to buy it in the first place. if you’ve got grands to spend on the real deal and only the real deal will do then chances are you’re less likely to flip your gear than someone living paycheck to paycheck, and thats the market the boog filled




I love cheap gear, always have and like most people starting out it was all I could afford, but I don’t even think £300 is particularly cheap until you compare it to a moog original, £300 in the case of a struggling artist would be much better spent elsewhere.

I think it is more a case of wanting a moog without paying for all the work that went into bringing a moog to the market, then ultimately realising that the money would be spent better elsewhere. I have always been of the belief to pay people fairly for the work they have done, and if we all do that then things tend to look after themselves, and as far as I am concerned companies like Behringer have no such concerns.

I should also say that I would never try to imply that my views are anything other than how I see it, if other people don’t agree then I’m fine with it.


Behringers Model D is one of the best selling synths of all time. They already shipped 10,000 and plan to produce at least 15,000 more… With that many sold of course you find a higher amount of them on the used market. But at least here in Germany I can only find two used Model Ds and both get offered for more than their Initial price. I wouldn’t call that a low demand…


Not really even close
For context the M1 sold about 250k units and the DX7 around 200k and the lowly but popular MicroKorg 100k plus. So no, the Boog is categorically not one of the best selling synths of all time unless this is based on velocity rather than volume?


Their synth stuff isn’t bad per se, but they really reinforce the question - Is Music equipment going the way of Hollywood? Largely sequels and remakes and safe bets.

& How long until Behringer turn their sights on Elektron.? McDrum mk3? Monolisamachine? Analog Fire? Analog Phwoar? Digitactless.


Remaking retro gear that has gone crazy 2nd hand is very different to making something that is easy to find and not expensive .

If it can be made with a fair price difference to the original then it may be worth it, can’t see them going near modern synths that are under £1000 for retro versions and are classics…

Tr808 , 101 , moog. … alll rare , analog , in demand , copyable for quite below 2nd hand price. I can’t see them doing 303 Many copies, some good and cheap. Re303 isnt cheap , Avalon notheap but there’s a 303 clone to suit all bank balances.


I dunno… I’d really be surprised if they don’t do a 303. If for no other reason just because they feel like they can. It feels like Behringer is trying to make a point here. Moog D, SH 101, Pro One, 808, probably a 909 – they’re going down the hit list. I’d expect Oberheim and others as well as long as the sales numbers support it. I personally don’t have a problem with it, but everyone can have their own opinion on it.


I wouldn’t mind if they charged more and did a better build. After getting a yocto built for 800 I like looking at the good build quality but also playing with it too.


I doubt behringer knows how to reverse engineer anything with digital components in it. Elektron will not have anything to worry about.

Imagine all the poor engineers in b city committing suicides trying to get even a few tracks worth of elektron sequencer action going :wink:


Yeah yeah… rationally have to agree with your statement… and look forward to trying out the B08 but I do hope they come up with some more original designs personallt