Behringer RD808


really don’t like those backlit opaque plastic buttons. oh well.

does it have trigger outs?

EDIT: it does have trigger outs; x3 of them


Hmmm. Someone should start a business to sell kits which could change Behringer design to something tolerable.


I too would be interested to see a sampler from them… software isn’t where behringer shines so I would be pretty dang hesitant of anything that goes too deep into programming side of things. I guess if they just kept it cheap did simple sample and tune with analog filters per part I think could end up with something plenty of people would be happy with but if they made something that went into the depth that elektron samplers do I would be extremely cautious.


I’m really enjoying what behringer is doing right now in the synth world but I totally agree with your sentiment. Something super deep and complex or software related I would steer clear. The thing about the clones is someone already “perfected” the circuitry and what not, so if the behringer models really are clones/copies they should sound pretty good.

not sure everyone’s experience but my age puts me at delving into synths in the mid 90’s as a teen. It took a long time to save up for my first piece of kit. I would have loved if stuff like this was available.

I really dig uli’s “vision” of making synthesizers affordable for everyone, even if he is full of it most of the time.


I agree, but tbf the boutiques look pretty crap as well with their tiny UI and all the wasted space on the left.




I really like the sound of the 808, no doubt.
But the amount of clones available is completely ridiculous


Wow. I can’t believe it, Behringer have just released another clone.
And an 808 at that.
Just what I needed


I agree that the ribbons are a bit of a waste of space on the Boutiques, and yes the earlier series in particular have a bit too cramped panel, but thankfully they have fairly decent cc implementation (aside from the D-05) and for me the size is perfect, no way could I fit the full size versions in my room, so I can live with the compromises.

One thing about all these choices that is great is there is something for everyone :slight_smile:


I predict in a year or 2 there will be a backlash new synth video category ‘808less jammin’ :joy:


Oh shit do we have to wait a year or two :joy:


all in


Great news! Someone is listening and acting on what people want. Behringer has been turning a new leaf.


I would not be surprised to learn that in 30+ years time people will be arguing about how this version of the Behringer 808 is so much more authentic and collectible than the Behringer 808 that came out back in 2028.


lol yes, quite a likeable amount of nonchalance.


I’m tempted by the 808 clone as it is so iconic, but I really wish that Roland would come out with a revamped analog one in the Boutique format. Like you I just don’t have the space, so the Boutiques are perfect for me. I love that SE-02 just got an update, a computer editor, and SE is making nice wood panels and a cool breakout box as well. The designer Boutique line has such great potential.


Funny, I had just brought up sends for compressors on drum machines and synths, why there never seems to be any for machines with multiple parts.

This has the option to send or not, no amount, but thats pretty awesome.


they will if people buy this one.


Huh, just lost two hours of my life popcorning thru the RD808 GS thread.

I dunno if this rumour was factual intel, but if it is, Behringer is planning to release this on 808 day, TROLLOLOLOLOLOL

Not sure if I’m feeling the Behringer UI tbh. I think Imma use my TR-08 for sequencing this one to get the A/Bs, intro/fills etc. Or just use my MPC live to sequence it. Hoping the accent will be trigged with velocity when MIDI slaved.


Does it make sense to get a TR-808 today?

I mean Behringer is re-releaseing this beast in ‘faithful’ and full analog form, but it isn’t going to have the exact workflow with toggles for fills/variations & A/B, etc.

Analog Rytm finally a worthy replacement for TR-808/909