Behringer RD808


That is so true. I hope they had a few more designers taking a look onto these before the Chinese factories start to push these to market.


Personally, I like the Behringer look these days. It’s like future 80’s retro…the future we thought we’d have, but in many ways it’s a blessing we don’t.
Or in a more concise way, Blade Runner!
My point is it’s not pretty, but it gets the job done. There is something about that style that I find enjoyable.


When it comes to cheap gear I would rather they spent the money on making it work properly than asthetics, solid is all I look for.


screenshots because boredom



what do we see
64 step pattns
INT / MIDI / USB / CLK syncmode indicator
noterepeat? blasphemy!
What’s STEP SIZE though? Could be interesting

seems like the UI tries to minimize menu diving with all sortsa LEDs


^ It looks like a 808 and Korg ER-1 had a baby :joy:


Can’t argue with the features, looks like they included some interesting options, but I just can’t get over Behringers design and business practices, and the cookie cutter mentality, although to be fair they are not the only company doing this. Plus no matter what it sounds like, it will always be a Behringer.


I understand, but Acidlab is falling behind on that Detroit 909 clone and I can’t wait.Behringer will beat him to the punch. Actually that casing for it is nice though.


64 Steps!! Very nice


The irony is that just a few years ago no one was doing 808 or 909 clones, now it seems the market is getting flooded with them, there is an 808 eurorack module being shown at superbooth too.


OOOH. Any details/pics?


I always thought it was eventually going to happen. First the 303 got the x0xb0x treatment, and now all the others will follow.

Always wanted analog replicas, do not mind the offbrandness as long as they sound close to the original designs (every og roland sounds abit different from each other as well). For better and worse, those rinsed sounds are imprinted onto the DNA of club music, and are 90% sweet spot for the most part, as in, quite hard to make sound bad.

Still, I think the next level in ”that sound” would be expanding on the recallability and automatability of those sounds. That combined with all analog design would take things even further. I was hoping I’d find it inside rytm, but that is a different sound, something’s missing… The rytm excels at sounding like itself, not trying to do Roland drums. I bet the circuit designs use very different components and methods too.




a few years ago there was tr-8 , acid lab miami , mfb 522 tiny red thing , many eurorack induvidual sounds , that french one , yocto , novation drum station 1 and 2 , roland r8 with electronic card ,

many were trying to emulate the sound , maybe not the look.

but this seems much closer and likely to be affordable, i dont mind how theyve updated to buttons and added things.
overall i prefer 808 to 909.


and no cv inputs for the knobs?

separate modules are better in this regard


scroll up the page for a few seconds , try sonicstate website too for a demo.



When I said a few years I suppose I should have said 10 - time flies :wink:


Just get a TR-8S. :slight_smile:


Couldn’t have said it better. A knock-off is a knock-off.


I already have those sounds in my boutiques. And I can ctrl them via MIDI to get automation& recall. But where is the analog equivalent? Still waiting for one, and I’m really hesitant to get an eurorack system just to get it.


I’m pretty happy with my tr-08, I’d probably cop that 808 module though if I wasn’t - but to be honest when I had a TR-808 I rarely changed the sounds aside from tom/conga tuning and hats/cymbal :rofl: I guess to me the 808 is a bunch of sweet spots.