Behringer RD808


Behringer should change the appearance in any case. It gives their clones an unnecessary ‘fake imitation’ vibe. The clones aren’t the originals. Everyone knows that and most people are fine with that. I always thought it was kinda dumb to make them aesthetic clones with just different name etc. Like someone with a knock off t-shirt who’s hoping you don’t get close enough to see it’s not real deal…


Prices could go sky high if they hit the market and then have to pull them. :thinking:


Has this been posted yet:


Sounds damn good to me.


All they gotta do is make the first and last step buttons grey and that should be a “different” looking machine. Also Acidlab didn’t get sued because their step buttons are round. I think yocto kit builders are ok because you build it yourself. Man, I need to fire up the yocto this weekend.


I loved the YouTube comment where the guy said as soon as he heard it he jumped up and started body popping and then reminded himself he was just listening to a demo :rofl:


All this talk about clones and Yoctos (plus seeing a Yocto in the latest XLR8R profile of Anthony Mother) had me look at the Yocto again.
I didn’t realize there was an additional percussion synth in the V2! Wow.


What?! I have v1. Oh go to the forums then and see if there is someone who can build it for you. There’s one guy from Germany who did my build and it’s well done in a nice case. All you gotta do is buy a separate power supply.

I got my power supply from some electronics supplier.


There are a couple V2 on Reverb at the moment, and plenty of V1.
Good looking builds too, but I am on a no-new-gear thing for a while.
Just admiring. :slight_smile:

I wonder if the impending RD808 is what is moving so many Yoctos to be sold?


There was someone selling a v1 Kit with case on Craigslist for like $450. With components would have been about $600ish. Thought about it but just don’t have the time. Built kits going for more than a grand still I see. That’s a tough sell.


Hey elektronauts. What do you say about the upcoming behringer 808 , 909 drum machines ? They are on my number#1 wishlist this year . i heard the sounds gorgeous , they are looking super nice and the price is perfect .


We’ve already got a lengthy thread on this where you can find plenty of opinions