Behringer RD808


Well, that’s not entirely true now is it.


Got one of those as well. And a TT-78. Exceptionally funky little boxes!


this would be my choice if I‘d buy an anlog drum machine. Something little different. seems to sound great


the sound of the DR808 is not bad, but it looks still like a cheap toy with all these rubber buttons and the variety of parameters, to alter the drum sounds, is quite limited like the original counter part as well.


so… will this increase the resale prices of the original 808/909? or bring 'em down?

asking for a friend.


I’m a little confused about whether or not you can tune the kick drum to play bass lines… Can you do this stand alone or do you need a computer to automate?


There is a bd tune knob visible in the latest demos.


Understood, the question is can you automate that tone knob using the unit stand alone?


Yeah, I’m not sure either… In one of the demos, it’s mentioned but it was very vague… I’ll have to dig deeper…


Very likely not. Very little MIDI CC control or automation on the analogue Behringer boxes. That’s one reason they’re so inexpensive. :slight_smile:


I might be trippn but I thought the bd will respond to MIDI notes?


You’re correct. The kick can be played chromatically


Source please?


It was one of the live streams when they were taking about tuning being added to the kick that Moot guy said it’s addressable and playable via midi.


I thought it recorded parameter automation too…I.e tuning.


to each one its own.
I would never buy a 808 clone knowing that an AR mk1 is going quite cheap, it is so much more powerful and versatile. I do like the analog engines a lot! They are very clean and combine well with the gritty overdrive and distortion.


I saw his demonstration, all he does is turn the kick drums tone knob manually with his hand… There was no indication that the moments were recorded… It was just really vague… He clearly didn’t really know how to use the unit. Probably didn’t get enough time with the features prior to the show…


As much as I love ny rytm mk I, I also want to include the RD808 in my beatbox locker. The AR808 gets close to the TR808 sound but the envelopes, I havent been able to reproduce 1:1 - I often wish the rytm Had the same envs as the A4, that would solve so many problems! As it is now, using the LFO for env duties is pretty much mandatory for many sounds.


I was very exited for the RD808 and 909. For the price nothing really compares. But i bought a Tr-8s a little while ago, and now the exitement dropped. Im not saying the Tr-8s sounds better or even as good. But the faders makes live jamming so much fun. And im kind of “space challenged” at the moment.


History shows that clones / reissues don´t result in lower resale prices of the original. See Korg MS20, moog model d reissue for reference. Who wants the original always wants the original and the amount of people who want the original gets higher with each clone on the market.