Behringer RD808


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Superbooth 18

And im sorry but Roland had all the time to do a proper clone if they wanted so im not outraged at all.


That is cool. Nice features they’ve added there.


Behringer RD 808, analogue and multiple outs, possibly shipping in August.


Bought! I do hope there’s a tuning option for the sounds, especially the kickdrum.
I still might keep my TR-08 boutique even after this, the compact size and the UI is just so compelling.


Lmao the opening line

”something a little bit different from us”


Maybe they’ll release it on 8/8, my birthday.


I’m only moderately into the 808, but that looks really cool!

I’ll be keeping my eye out for that


I do hope they’ve kept all the unique UI quirks of the original, like auto fill, A/B parts, the four fills/intros per pattn bank, the step entry triggerpad etc. Those features are pretty unique in drum machine land IMO

However, the song mode could use some new ideas… the og songmode is a bit of a PITA


This is really exciting! I was kind of hoping they would clone a 909 though :open_mouth:


300 dollars are you out of your mind? I wonder if there will be an audio in for the analogue filter.

Give us a 909 next. That will probably be announced in summer for a September 9 release date.

Good gear is so affordable now that the only problem is desk space.


909 will undoubtedly drop soonafter

I’m going to buy both, bringing the total amount of my drum machine collection to 7 :nyan:

How many drum machines is enough? hmmm


I really hope so, depending on price I might get both but I will 100% buy a 909 if they release one.


I have none, so I can’t answer that question :wink:


Behringer seem to be one of the few companies actually listening to their customers. The undersized stuff with minijacks that has come out of Japan in recent years has no appeal to me. Professional drum machines should have multiple outputs and they should be proper 1/4" jacks.

Now I wonder if Behringer will step up and make a sampler.


^ TR-8S :slight_smile:

full size. separate outs on 1/4" jacks. & USB audio. and trig outs.

“but it’s not real analogue they cry !” Bore off. :slight_smile:


RD808 and RD909


so, 909 is coming too. Tis, how they say, ”game over”


Hahaha the guy is so nonchalant about showing off the first proper full-analog full-size non-kit 808 clone. Well done Behringer.


Everything they stole from Rolands design of the original looks nice but then they add those special Behringer touches which do not fit design wise into the look, translucent backlit silicon buttons white/blue LEDs, a car crash of a design with the credibility to match :joy: