Behringer Neutron


That’s my video…so i can assure you Blofeld is used only like a pure wavetable osc here and this osc is mixed with the Neutrons oscillators, without any other influence to the sound from the Blofeld. It’s mainly the circuitry of the Neutron which makes the sound you’re hearing. Cheers


Here’s a track i made with sounds from the Neutron. Loving the synth and its sonic range. Still got a lot to explore with it.


Here’ some random hardcore noise stuff:


Don’t regret! Whatever they release won’t sound good and that is exciting. These clones will never sound with the same character of an original P1 or a P5, unless they give you exactly the same specs CEM3310, CEM3340, CEM3280, etc. However, this will drive the costs high. Only who owns any of these synths knows that the organic unstable cinematic sound coming out of the unstable circuit is the quickest way to get the job done. I’m curious to put the upcoming OB6 clone side by side and push both to the limit. Really curious!



Thanks man, no regrets my dream synth since back in the 90’s so I took the plunge eventually.
You are totally right nothing quite sounds like a 40 year old synth does.

Behringer clones will be glorious to have as add on’s in the future though :sunglasses:
Especially with the extra cv control :diddly:


glorious clones in a future, it makes sense :smiley:



Looks like he loves it.
That patch must sound amazing


“Neutrio”, surely


This also is good for polychaining. Behringer just released a firmware upgrade for their D to improve the polychaining, and so i think the Neutron is probably due for this too. (Though i have not gone through the detail of this, so i am not completely informed on it.)


I got one of these yesterday as an early Xmas present and played with it for a couple hours last night. Wow… what a great synth! The OSC’s and filter sound really good. Very quick and fun to play with. I’ve never had any synths with external cables and patch points, so this is cool to explore.

I don’t really care about any Behringer politics or optics… that’s for you to decide for yourself. I think it’s really amazing to see an analog synth of this quality for $299. I’ll definitely be getting their RD-x0x machines and the Pro-One clone if that gets released.


Neutron V2.0

This is a pleasant surprise! Lots of new stuff here, like a Neutron Application, one shot LFOs, re-arranging the LFO shape order, and lots more good stuff.


That update is fantastic!

I’m highly considering a Neutron. For those who have experience with both the Neutron and the Mother 32, how do they compare to you (sonically, features, the patch bay, etc)? Do you think it’s worthwhile to have both a Mother 32 and a Neutron in your arsenal, or is there too much redundancy in the feature set? Would they patch well together and be complimentary to each other?


Don’t have the Mother 32, but i do have a DFAM and a Neutron. I like this combination as they are definitely complimentary, they fill slightly different spaces and work well together. Swapping filters or using the sequencer at audio rates on the DFAM with the Neutron are for instances, but you can really go crazy with this.

Having all the connections in a patch bays is not essential, but i do like keeping cables off to the side. I’ve thought of the Arturia Minibrute 2S too, but went off another direction. (The Novation SLMkIII.)


Oh yeah

Very chuffed they added the sysex control for the new features (and documented it) which I asked for in an impassioned email to the developers as I was in a position where I couldn’t have had an App (on either OSX iOS having seen the preview shots of the features online) nor indeed even run the OS upgrader (which my neighbour helped me out with last time) - I’m onto Mojave now, so I’ll be in a better place although there doesn’t seem to be an OSX App as yet

Fantastic update !

edit : the DMG is actually bundled in the download which looked like it was windows only !!


Just dropping the updates list here to stimulate a bit of testing (i am unable to get Osc Key Split to work, wondering if I am alone in this regard or just missing something, I’ve gone through every permutation)

Edit: it does work, not quite as I was hoping, it’s a subtle extension of paraphony, very useful though.

New Features
• Added full support for the Neutron Application. • Added Restore Default Parameters button combination.
• Added LFO One Shot mode.
• Added LFO Re-trigger option for overlapping notes.
• Added LFO rate Key Track – The LFO rate will double or halve for each octave played above or below a user defined note.
• Added LFO Shape re-ordering – Any of the LFO shapes can be placed in any of the 5 available locations, including duplicate shapes.
• Added LFO Phase offset – Each LFO slot can have an independently set phase offset (configurable to 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270 or 315 degrees).
• Added the ability to set the maximum LFO Depth between 0-100%.
• The VCF in key track mode will track with porta & pitch bend.
• Added an internal VCF mod source with the following options:
Disabled, After Touch, Mod Wheel and Note On Velocity).
• Added the ability to set the Filter Mod Depth between 0-100%
• Added independent Auto Glide options for each oscillator. The user can set an auto glide range of up to +12/-12 semitones. The rate of auto glide is defined by the Porta time control.
• Added configurable pitch bend range between 0-24 semitones (The same value is used for both +’ve and -‘ve pitch bend ranges).
• Added note priority options of High, Low and Last note.
Implemented Oscillator keyboard split for Oscillator 1 and 2. Oscillator 1 plays below the split point and oscillator 2 plays above the split point (Also dependent on note priority).
• Added the ability to configure a maximum and minimum note numbers. This limits the MIDI notes that the Neutron will respond to.
• Added the ability to Mute out of range notes.
• Implemented SysEx commands for all configurable settings, including MIDI Channel selection.
• OSC 2 can now be configured to ignore incoming MIDI notes.


Mine isn’t working either , I hear both oscillators at the same time


It was late, so I only was able to update the firmware. I manually confirmed I’m on 2.0, but unable to use the new control app. It never connects. I’m on Windows.

Not a huge deal right now. I can’t see needing to use it much unless there’s something I’m missing. I’ll try it on my Mac and see if it works instead though.


you need to set both midi I/O on the last panel - not sure why it’s not automatic - might be that


thanks for confirming that it’s not simple - there’s a comment suggesting it’s connected with last note priority, but I’ve explored that - wondering if there’s a piece of info missing - or it may just be a bug