Behringer Neutron


Let me add to the list above M32 v Neutron:

  • wavemorphing
  • 1/4" ext audio in* (presuming line level…M32 only has CV ext in)

*Can anyone tell if it has a CV ext audio in? I would be shocked if it didn’t…maybe the “sum in”? Idk what those would be…


Has anyone heard any updates to when this should be coming? I heard April but also with a preorder. I’m guessing this will be like the boog d release?


In one of the videos a Behringer guy said it is already shipping.

The issue is the volume right now is extremely low and the demand is extremely high. So the B guy in the video said they have shipped 60, and their next delivery will be 200.


They’d better get to work! At this rate they’re creating their own “Clone Wars”!


I think Behringer is being very patient getting their new synth products into production. Remember how long it took with the Model D. Somethings just takes time to do right.



Well that was due to moving factories mostly.


As far as getting a Neutron (and i have not ordered one yet) i’d say contact a large dealer, either in person or via phone, i haven’t found the Neutron listed online for sale. It might also help to use a dealer with good connections to Behringer. I’ve heard that Guitar Center for instance has good connections – i don’t know if this is true or not.


Still no pre-order available in Canada…


I’ll check it out, if I find out I’ll let yall know.


That’s likely true. Maybe that’s still an issue. Wasn’t there also an issue on the Model D with adjusting, or the factory tuning, that was taking too long, and they need to improve their manufacturing methods.


I’ve heard the model d needs to be tuned quite often.



Yes you’re right, every single unit had to be hand tuned.


Don’t pretty much all analog synths need to be tuned? Moog does the minimoog “by hand” I believe


They do but when it takes an hour of labor in the factory to tune a $300 synth you know you got a problem.

ADDED: There’s a saying in electronic system engineering. You can have it fast, and cheap and good – pick two. Behringer is trying for all three. Hopefully they hit it with the Neutron.


Hello my Elektron dudes,

The pre-orders are available :

Indulge yourselves on some Neutrons! I got one (I preordered a Model D some months ago on and all went well)


And 7 July ETA at Red Dog in the UK:


Had to grab this one…Coming from modular, feature to price ratio is insane !


Behringer has put up the product page for the Neutron.

Included with this is the manual:


Midi-chaining is in the manual.


Online Ordering in the USA

I asked Sweetwater if the Neutron is available in the USA and they responded with an online place to pre-order.

ADDED: And it’s already been taken down five hours later???
ADDED: And now it’s back – take a look.