Behringer Neutron


Because they can


I prefer analog envelopes. Most of the time, synth manufacturers don’t think they are worth the additional cost/work to implement, but the difference they make are noticeable to me on the Boomstars, Mother 32, and Little Phatty.




maybe easier on a monosynth to implement the analogue vco … the Deepmind has dco’s … also interesting to note on the Neutron the lfo is digital and accesses audible range high frequency capability.


I really like the metallic resonance, should be pretty awesome for acid…


EBM Like basses


Just saying they’re a huge company and thus have resources to do stuff other makers can’t. If Uli wants something and his company can get it done, it happens. Nothing complicated about that.


Yes, but Companies never do stuff “because they can”, rather than there are for sure technical reason why they chose it this way and not that way. And those i find interesting to learn about.


I dunno, I think for example, Behringer put WiFi and virtual reality stuff on the Deepmind, “just because”, despite lack of great demand for either feature in a hardware analog polysynth. Uli strikes me as that kind of whimsical company leader.

My understanding is digital envelopes have been incorporated into analog synths to save money and for no other reason. I could be wrong on this - maybe analog envelopes are cheaper or cost the same? I don’t mind being educated as to why you or whoever might find them more desirable than analog envelopes.

You’re best hope is probably to find an employee of Behringer or Midas, and start plying that person with alcohol/weed/whatever to get the inside scoop.


This thing is giving me pause. Do I really replace a Moog (M32) with a Behringer? Is that some more insanity for 2018?

It has the three things I desire most about my M32:

  • No sequencer (never needed it and it pisses me off that you can’t disable it)
  • second vco
  • syncable lfo

In addition to a little extra money for some modular friends.

I looked but couldn’t find info:

  • can you control parameters with MIDI cc? Im assuming that’s what “comprehensive midi/usb” would give us, but a confirmation would be nice…
  • does the filter self oscillate?

I can’t believe Im debating selling a Moog for a Behringer. We live in crazy days.


Crazy yes, logical too.


Edit: I’m dumb


Oh i thought people were only referring to the model d clone as boog. Does it include neutron too?


Same here


That would be a bummer. I use my M32s assigable CC output extensively with my OT. Means that extra money might need to be used for a midi/cc interface. Which isn’t a terrible proposition but one I hadn’t planned on…

There’s an “ASSIGN” CV output…


Sorry, I 100% thought you were talking about the minimoog clone, will edit post! Brain still sleepy

It’s entirely possible the Neutron will have full midi cc!


If you don’t need the M32 sequencer, the Neutron seems more interesting feature wise indeed.
I thought the sequencer would be a nice thing to have.
Don’t forget about the sound. Features are not everything :slight_smile:
From what I heard in the demos the Neutron sounds amazing (quote Nick Batt: “Bass, bass, bass, bass and bass”), but probably more nasty and agressive compared to the warm, buttery M32 sound :slight_smile:

I really love all the semimodulars. I had a hard time to decide between M32, Sv1 and 0-coast, now the new Erebus, Neutron, Minibrute 2 (not sure if I like the sound) and the Microvolt 3900.
Want them all.


Well Im certainly going to put them side by side before any final decisions.

But then again we’re taking about Moog: ubiquitous and impossible to mix. So maybe there are some more subtle advantages for giving it up? I’m more into fresh timbres than rehashing the well known and I have always planned to give the “bread and butter” synth some wild friends. Perhaps the Neutron will play better?

Yeah that 3900 too tho.


It would be if you don’t have one. It’s very strong.

But I have an OT. So.

In addition, I might even be willing to ignore it IF one could disconnect it from the synth. As is stands one cannot and it always starts on clock. There is only stupid work arounds and it’s just aggrevating.


I was really impressed with the sonicstate review of the neutron.
The sound seems to be really great. And the features, for that price. Wow