Behringer Neutron


On Gaz Williams’ Neutron stream he shows that you can move between oscillator shapes, or snap between them. The same goes for the LFO.

The LED next to the LFO will show you the current voltage. Overdrive LED will tell you if you’re clipping. S&H LED will show you the current S&H voltage it will spit out. Volume LED will show you if you’re clipping (presumably pre-volume knob).


Thanks Jimmo – good find. Gaz is having lots of fun in this.

Repeating what you wrote, Gaz shows that you can optionally change between modes either morphing wave shapes, or discrete selection. I can’t imagine using the discrete mode unless there is something wrong with the morphed sound, which i don’t hear.
Gaz also says that the 3340 chip is custom designed by Behringer which may explain this behavior, which i don’t think belongs to the original Curtis 3340 chip.

Will be spending some time to glean more information from this video.

Gaz did a second video:

Warning: Gaz is pretty scattered in this video.


Wouldn’t that beauty put the A4’s CV track and also it’s CV-in to good use?


I was thinking about purchasing a moog minitaur but indeed this new synth can do the same or more.


That’s what I was thinking. Maybe route the audio back in also for some extra fun.
So far I have never connected anything to the Analog Four CV but this could change that.


Well, me too. The only drawback is that you have to capture the resulting audio as you go, because otherwise it’s lost. You won’t be able to recreate the exact same settings …


To see this “drawback” positive … I have learned to approach the one or other sound quicker just by “training on the knobs” … and taking notes using the old-school patch-sheets :wink:

Since those “small” semi-modular synths often are not as deep like, let’s say, as a MatrixBrute, patches might be not as complex too. As an example, I use my modular gear most of the time to do exactly those patches (sounds), which I can’t achieve with my other “standard” synths.

I think, I have learned most about synthesis by using modular or semi-modular gear, because it’s like practicing over and over again … :wink:


Nick Batt (Sonic State) has a Fun Friday coming up (soon) with the Neutron paired with a Deepmind 12 desktop. The little clip i heard sounds good.



And now the review:


So many many things i found to love on the Neutron from this review.

One small comment only, 'cuz i could fill a page. I am amazed at the subtle change possible, with just a small tweak of the oscillator shape control, both with the wave shape on the oscilloscope, and the sound.


They’re gonna sell shiploads of these monster!


If its really Just 299€…i’ll Take one! I liked the buzzy Bass.



It is 299$ the price was confirmed by Mr.B himself over at Gearslutz.


For this price: amazing features, great sound, still looks ugly :slight_smile:
But who cares. Surprisingly great synth it seems


Which might translate to 349€ for Europe.


Yes my only complain so far. Second Market will fix this.

I Wonder why they choose for analog envelopes instead of digital Like other manufacturers.


It’s an analog synth…

I think it looks awesome btw. I am a total Behringer fanboy these days. Who can say no to a $299 semimodular with this featureset?


and the sound. Pretty wow from the demos


Moog Sub37 is analog too, still Moog had chosen for digital generated envelopes…